Amily Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor

Amily Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor – Amily is the 10th Hero of the Warrior / Assassin class at AOV. With two classes that he has, Amily can fill role junglers and warriors like other Warriors / Assassins, Zephys, Airi, and Ryoma. Even though it can fill a lane like other Warriors.
Amily is very easy to kill because she has a very thin defense and cellphone. This is also the reason why Amily is often used as a jungler where she does not need to be afraid of gank and killed early in the game.
Amily Guide: Skills, Item and Talent Arena of Valor 1

Tips and Tricks in Taking and Using Skills

Increase Combos first so you can finish off enemies easily. Use the Kickblade only to slow down enemies that will run away and reduce your cooldown skill. Always point your Combo to an enemy who is alone to maximize the passive potential of Amily, namely Duel.
Amily appears during war only when the Tank or Warrior team successfully initiates. Don’t go out or use Enraged until all the damage from the enemy comes out and leads to the Tank because if Amily comes out first, then she will die first. Patience and perfect positioning are the keys to success in playing Amily.

Item Guide

Early Item

1. Leviathan
If you play as a jungler, this item is definitely the first you need. The addition of his cellphone will greatly help Amily survive during the war. In addition, the passive damage aura also stacks with Enraged which means it will give more aura of damage.
2. Gilded Greaves
Shoes with resistance are the most suitable shoes for Amily who have quite a small survivablity. These shoes will help Amily endure the threat of enemy ganks and last longer during war.
3. Spear of Longinus
This item is always a mainstay for Assassins or Warriors who rely on skill in attacking. The additional HP given also made Amily harder and cooldown reduction made the Combo faster to use.

Core Item

1. Omni Arms
Cooldown reduction, additional HP, and lifesteal given by the Omni Arms will greatly help Amily when killing enemies. Not to mention passive pentapower makes attacks after using skills increase. Very synergistic with the use of Combo.
2. Blade of Eternity
Resurrection is needed for Amily especially when the game has entered the late game phase. The output damage from the enemy is also very large and Amily will be increasingly threatened. This item will make Amily feel safer when making mistakes and certainly will be a threat to the enemy team.

Optional Item

1. Sonic Boots
Always be an alternative shoe for melee heroes who are dealing with enemies who have high physical damage. This situation often occurs if your enemy contains a lot of Warriors without Mage. But the situation is quite rare in AOV.
2. Frost Cape
An alternative if you are still easily killed when using the Omni Arms by giving you more defense and cellphones. The slow effect is also very helpful to disrupt enemy movements.
3. Fenrir’s Tooth
If you still have slot items, Fenrir’s Tooth is the perfect way to fill the slot when entering the late game. Additional damage given will make Amily even more horrible in the late game
4. Rankbreaker
Additional movement speed and great damage from Rankbreaker is not bad for Amily. Rankbreaker will make Amily move faster when doing rotations or doing ganks to enemies.
5. Muramasa
Muramasa is also not a bad item because it provides armor pierce and cooldown reduction. This item will make Amily’s Combo more painful and can be used more often. Muramasa is also a late game alternative to Fenrir’s Tooth.
6. Mantle of Ra
This item is not too bad especially if you have to play as a laner. You can immediately make this item after the shoes can be safer when being held by enemy Assassins. Aside from defense, the Mantle of Ra also provides no small attack status and damage aura that synergizes with Enraged.
7. Medallion of Troy
Buy this only if your enemy has a lot of large magic damage. Burst from magic damage is always the most feared by the AOV players and you must have defense magic to hold it back. Medallion of Troy will cover these shortcomings with the addition of enormous magic defense and additional magic armor.

Talent Guide

1. Punish
Punish is always an obligation if you want to play as a jungler. Makes it easier to clean jungle creeps. After upgrading to Frostbite, you can use this talent to slow down the enemy’s movement when they want to run away.
2. Execute
Combos will reduce the enemy’s blood very much when you are one on one. But often when the enemy’s cellphone is low, they will definitely run away and you won’t have time to finish it. Execute is the answer because you can instantly kill enemies whose cellphone is under 10 percent instantly.
3. Flicker
If you are a player who prefers to play safe, this talent is the answer. You can also use flicker to steal distance directly to the Archer and enemy Mage who are in the back line. One talent that is often used for Amily players in lane.