6 Tips To Collect Gold In Atlantica Online

6 Tips To Collect Gold In Atlantica Online – Atlantica Online is one of the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games, which Gemscool presents to Indonesia. Atlantica Online tells the story of adventure and battle in the State of Atlantis. Like MMORPG games in general, Atlantica Online also has a currency called gold.
6 Tips To Collect Gold In Atlantica Online 1
Gold can be used by players to buy various items available in the market. Actually looking for gold in this game is not too difficult. Because players can take advantage of various features in the game, to find and collect as much gold as possible.
For those of you who are curious, here are some tips on collecting gold in the Atlantica Online game.

1. Jackpot Challenge

The first way is to use the Jackpot Challenge. But before using this Jackpot Challenge, you have to hunt first. 
In addition, you also have to collect as many items as possible until the entire slot is full. Then find out in the market, about the various items you previously got. You can use gold by entering items that have been previously obtained.

2. Hunting

Hunting is the easiest way if you want to find and collect gold. Besides getting exp when killing monsters, players will also get gold.
Not only that, but players will also get goods that can be sold in the market. Therefore, you should look for monsters at a larger level. This is so you can get more exp and gold.

3. Free League and Colosseum League

Tips for finding gold in Atlantica Online next is to play Free League and Colosseum League. When players win the Free League, they will get the Atlantis Silver Coin. The silver coin can be exchanged at Barteau for 300,000 gold.
Whereas if you lose, the player still gets Atlantis Silver Coin. But the amount is not as much as when won, that is when exchanged only worth 30,000 gold.

4. Crafting Guild

These tips apply if the player has entered a guild. Guild crafting itself is easier than personal crafting.
Because here the player will be assisted by other guild members. When each member helps each other for crafting, the member will get exp crafting and point guilds.
Both have large depending on the goods used for crafting. And the percentage of successful crafting guilds is 10% greater than personal crafting.

5. Enhance

Maybe these tips will make players anxious. Because if you want to collect gold by way of Enhance, players will be faced with uncertain situations.
It could be, the player managed to Enhance items up to grade +10, then can be sold and get tens of millions of gold.
But do not rule out, the player will also fail Enhance. If it fails, the items obtained will be lost and the player suffers heavy losses.

6. Personal Crafting

Crafting is not only done to complete the quest. But players can also make a lot of gold. Crafting materials are sold cheaply. And players can make their own equipment without having to buy it in the market.
If a successful crafting player reaches grade +3, he will get a large amount of gold. But this still depends on the equipment used for crafting.