6 Best Mobile Game For Females

6 Best Mobile Game For Females – Online games are indeed popular at this time. Various people also play this game. From young to old, even many women play online games. Then, what are the best 2019 online women’s online games?
6 Best Mobile Game For Females 1

1. Cooking Mama

This online game is often played by women, especially those who have a hobby of cooking. In this game, you will learn cooking like boiling, cutting vegetables and meat, and others.
Even though it looks simple, a lot of people download this game. You can see the number of people who have downloaded it on the Google Play Store. You can make a variety of foods depending on your wishes.

2. Hay Day

Hay Day is a game about farming. In this game, you will become a farmer who takes care of your plants and land. Like a real farmer, when it is time for plants to be sold, you just sell to the buyer.
In addition, you can also have livestock that you can take the results of and you can sell. Although it looks easy, but this game requires intelligence and strategy so that the results obtained can be maximized.

3. Clash of Clans

Who doesn’t know the best 2018 women’s online game on this one? Apparently many women who enjoy online games on this one. Clash of Clans is a game made by Supercell which contains war strategy. In Clash of Clans, you are trained to hone your war strategy.
You can make buildings according to your wishes, of course, you also must have good defense tactics so that your defense is strong and not easily attacked.
In addition, you can also prepare troops as to what will be used to attack. You must have a smart strategy in order to conquer your opponent’s defense.

4. Mobile Legends

Who says the Mobile Legends game is only for men? The proof, many women also play this game. This online game is a very popular game lately.
This Mobile Legends game is a game that can be played via a smartphone. For its size is also not too big, only about 96 MB. This game is almost similar to the DoTA game.

5. Fireboy and Watergirl

The next best online girl game 2018 is Fireboy and Watergirl. This game is a multiplayer game with the first male character with a body of fire. While the second character is a female character with a body of water.
This online game apparently attracted many women around the world. This game tells the story of how to solve problems with cooperation between them. If you want to win the game, then you have to work with your friends.

6. Fashion Salon

From the name alone it can be guessed that this one woman’s online game is about salons. So, here you play a role as a hair and makeup artist. In addition, you can also do treatments such as facials, spas, and others.
You also have a variety of makeup tools that can be used to make up customers more beautiful. You can choose the right lipstick color that will be used for your customers.