6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned – The various types of cars that exist in Speed ​​Drifters are divided into several classes; A, B, C and D. Indeed, these classes categorize cars as the ranking they have. So don’t be surprised if class A cars are the best cars in Speed ​​Drifters!
what are the best car names in the Speed ​​Drifters that you have? And what are the advantages of each of these cars? Come see directly below.

1. Black lightning

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 1
The first is Black Lightning, a cool car and very capable. Black Lightning has excellent drifting capabilities but is quite fragile if we often crash. 
This car is recommended when we compete on a circuit that has the characteristics of a straight track that is quite long and accompanied by fast bends.
The advantage of Black Lightning is that every 4 seconds after double boost, we can get a 25% chance that the maximum speed will increase as fast as 3 km / hour.

2. Dreadnaught

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 2
The next is Dreadnaught, which is one of the best cars in Speed ​​Drifters. This car has an even ability in terms of drift, acceleration and turning.
With these capabilities, Dreadnaught is very good to use on circuits that combine straight lines and balanced turns.
The excess Dreadnaught is extra mini boost if we can recover from the collision perfectly and after 20 seconds, it will increase the basic power by 40%.

3. Flash

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 3
Not a super hero or hero from the film, but the name of the car is Flash. Ability? Of course, there is additional speed or turbo and acceleration and ability to turn. With more capabilities above, Flash is very suitable to compete on circuits that have many turn tracks.
The advantage of Flash is that it increases the catch up effect by 30%. All players whose position is behind the first rank will get additional attributes to pursue and Flash has the best increase.

4. Hunter

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 4
Next car is Hunter. This car has almost the same characteristics as Black Lightning which is a very good drift capability. Because of these similarities, the recommended circuit is of course the same, the characteristics of the straight track are quite long and are accompanied by fast bends.
But Hunter’s strength is different from Black Lightning. Every time we hit a wall, we get a 60% chance of getting a speed increase of 8 km / h during `12 seconds.

5. Revelation

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 5
Next is cool and eccentric car, namely Revelation. The advantages of this car are the ability to bend extreme. With this advantages, Revelation is highly recommended for use in circuits with many broken turns and a few straight trajectories.
The advantages of Revelation are in the ability to turn which does not reduce speed without using drift! The speed of other cars will usually decrease at a bend when turning normally.

6. Saga

6 Best Cars in Speed Drifters that Must Be Owned 6
The last car is Saga. This car has the ability to be evenly distributed in all aspects. Whether it’s drift, turn, accelerate to nitro. With this capabilities, Saga is recommended for circuits that blend a straight line with a balanced track.
Saga’s strength compared to other cars is that it instantly fills up 40% nitro when the countdown appears, and also retains 70% of nitro when it collides with a wall
That’s the 6 best cars in the recommended in Speed ​​Drifters. The six cars are class A whose basic attributes are better than B, C and D class cars. But that does not mean these cars cannot be fought with car B, or C.
When a car B or C gets an upgrade, then the A car that is standard will be able to be chased even racing! But of course, if car A gets the maximum upgrade, it’s time to forget about car B. Unless your skills are really short.