5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform

Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform – MMORPG games may be identical to the PC platform, but now they have sprung up and can be played on mobile platforms.
Games with the MMORPG genre are among the most popular because players can interact with other players, so the game feels more alive.
The following is a list of the 5 best MMORPG games. Come on, see the list!

1. LifeAfter | MMORPG Games

5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform 1
Platform: Mobile
Developer: Netease Games
Year of Release: 2019
LifeAfter itself is a zombie survival MMORPG mobile game that presents many exciting features. To survive in a world full of zombies, players also have to face an extreme situation. Not to mention in the LifeAfter world, the law does not apply, so it makes players have to fight over each of the remaining resources.

2. Lineage 2: Revolution

5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform 2
Platform: Mobile
Developer: Netmarble
Release Year: 2016
Lineage 2: Revolution is an MMORPG games available for mobile, which presents a variety of exciting features in the game. This game itself carries an open-word system, which allows players to explore widely.
Also, many quests can be completed by players and players can join the clan. There are four choices of classes to choose from, namely human, elf, dark elf, and dwarf.

3. RPG Toram Online

5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform 3
Platform: Mobile
Developer: Asobimo
Release Year: 2015
RPG Toram Online presents a variety of quests that can be played by gamers, in addition to that, players can also explore and play with other players. This game uses a class system that allows players to develop their characters.

4. Ragnarok M Eternal Love

5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform 4
Platform: Mobile
Developer: Gravity Interactive
Year of Release: 2018
For fans of the MMORPG game, it must be very familiar with the Ragnarok game that was initially popular via PC. As time goes by, Ragnarok finally appears with a mobile version with the title Ragnarok M Eternal Love and this game successfully steals the attention.
This game presents the same mechanism as the PC version, but with a better graphical display of course. Players can build their chosen skills and status and select the jobs they want.

5. Arcane Legends | MMORPG Games

5 Best MMORPG Games on Mobile Platform 5
Platform: Mobile
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Year of Release: 2012
Arcane Legends is one of the best 3D fantasy MMORPG games from Spacetimes Studios available on mobile devices. In this game, players can fight against bosses, search for treasure, join guilds, build characters, and also complete quests. Arcane Legends is one MMORPG game that is still worth playing today.
That’s the list of 5 best versions of MMORPG. If you have your own list, write your comments below.

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