5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend

New Meta Hero For Rank Mobile Legend – As the start of the Professional legend League of Mobile (MPL), the meta hero has also been switching to follow pro game players!

The mobile legend Meta Hero played on a high-ranking legend or Mythic usually follows the meta used by pro players in tournaments such as MPL, MDL, or M1.

Despite the often forbidden heroes defeated, there is a lineup of heroes that have the draft of the current ranking choice. Want to know who the hero is? Soon, check out the following discussion!


5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend 1
This small supporting hero has been a locking hero since the advent of the 1-3-1 line-up meta formation.

Nana can open folders and “installments” of enemy heroes using their molecules. Especially if he wears the mantra of Flameshot battles, then this hero becomes very troublesome.


5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend 2
Although he no longer played the role of a mid-Laner core hero, Valir’s ability was still feared as support.

He can easily kill enemy heroes with only 1 spam skill, as long as it is always about enemy heroes. Also, he is a hero of the fight (Close quarters) used 2 skills from him.


5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend 3
Lately, Uranus has been a frequent vote, but not as a supporting tank, but as an offlaner hero. Uranus is an HP regeneration hero so she is nicknamed Immortal Hero. With this ability, Uranus was able to keep the line alone without having to go home if blood was dying.


5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend 4
Karrie is a practical sniper that is consistent as the core hero of the main choice, especially for meta now. Karrie has passive skills capable of penetrating opponents ‘ defenses. If the snipers usually rely on severe damage, Karrie only needs to increase the speed of giving sick damage “.


5 Hero For Rank Mobile Legend 5
Before Meta is now, Diggie is rarely found in ranking mode. Maybe only a few players are a favorite. All of Diggie’s skills are very useful for his teammates. Diggie can open folders, ganking, N-run when the blood is dying, and rescue teammates.

When he dies, he can walk around the map without being attacked by the enemy so he doesn’t have to walk away from the base when he is alive again. Now the five heroes are meta in Mobile Legends ‘ ranking mode. If you prefer a derogatory hero?

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