Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide)

Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide) – After a long time finally neglected Faramis – the Alkemis will be coming soon on the original server. Faramis is a supporting hero/witch who has a unique ability to be able to revive the hero of a dead friend including himself. Most likely Faramis will be a free hero (the free hero from a gift show) like Belerick at the beginning of his performance.

Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 1

We can use Faramis as a full support hero or magician (Magic Damager), the main strength of this hero is his main skill which can provide extra breath for a moment for the hero of our team who dies so in such important moments as the skill of teamfight (late game) This will be the very, very troublesome enemy. Soon, we learned the Faramis tutorial that will soon be released, first, we start from the plus and the interest.

Faramis Power:

  • The & Burst damage of AOE CC is annoying, skill 1 delivers Damage and can attract many enemies at once, then skill 2 is Damage Magic Damage which will hurt if there are more enemies, the combination of these 2 skills is very, very annoying especially when the team of war 5 vs 5 We can damage massive controls and crowds are quite troublesome for the opposing team.
  • A very short response time, Faramis passive skills can reduce the time of respawning (reducing the Awakening time) to 90%, so that we can fight as soon as it is killed.
  • Quite easy to use, because we know all the skills of Faramis are easy to understand and do not require special ability to use them, the most important thing is we know when the right moment is to use skill 3 and play smart push and pull with skill 1 & 2.
  • Multi-Purpose Membership The revived Ability is very useful when our team attacks or defends the tower, because during this ultimate area still exists, our dead team will continue to live again and can attack until the time is up, so in the inevitable (inevitable) moments) like pushing this tower and a team of war skills will often bring victory.

Faramis Weakness:

  • Small damage, obviously because this true hero is support, so he tends to be less effective inoffensive, 2 pain skills but it takes a lot of enemies to gather in one area to maximize damage to this skill.
  • CC is easy to avoid, we must first touch the opponent hero with skill 1, then we also have to keep the distance is not too far to be able to attract them, in practice this skill is very difficult to hit successfully because the enemy will usually remain far away when bound by the skill chain 1, it will be harder if we observe several targets at once.
  • The main skills that often do not meet expectations, in theory, ult it very dangerous, but that does not mean everything will run easily, as with the ultimate skill Argus, it seems too OP but often disappointing in reality, often when we use these skills to help the team, they instead escape (outside of this skill area) not to mention sometimes the enemy can press & run to buy time until the duration of this skill is exhausted, therefore we must know the right time to use and maximize this skill well.

Faramis Item Creation Tips:

Faramis Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial (Guide) 2

  • Tips on building Faramis items I think there are 2 types, we can use Faramis as Mage (line 1) or support (line 2).
    Use the first line build items if we want to give high damage magic, Faramis ‘ skill does not have a large damage burst, but with the help of the deadly combination of fate clock and lightning Lightning This deficiency can be tricked.
  • Conversely, if we want to play as support then use the second row build, here we focus on reducing the cooldown and defense items for survival. Everything back to the team condition, if the team does not have any damage, then use the first build, otherwise, if the team already has a lot of carrying/damager, then play more support (build 2).
  • The Tips on the above items are the most ideal and recommended in my opinion, if you think there is a build and a combination of more suitable items then try experimenting with the way you play yourself, there may be other hybrid builds that suit your game.
  • For the battle spells, we can use whatever we like, because I think this hero is flexible enough both for attack and defense. I usually use the run (Wake Mage) and Flicker/Aegis (build support).

For the badge, we can use Mage or support emblem.

Faramis are great/OP to fight the following heroes:

  • Natalia (early game)
  • Karina (early game)
  • The “Khufra”
  • Sun.
  • Balmond
  • Curse
  • Rafaela

Faramis are quite weak against the following heroes:

  • All Hero Killer
  • Guinevere
  • Rubies
  • Chou
  • Kaja
  • Diggie

Faramis Tips, Trick, and Guide

  • The main key to playing Faramis is to know the exact moment (inescapable) to use the highest so we can dominate the game, we have to wait patiently the right time to maximize the skill 3, these moments usually happen when the enemy is superior when attacking the turret/team fight, you must use this skill when one of your friends is dying (and most likely will die), use it as soon as possible if we will be killed, then as much as possible invite our team to engage and lure the enemy team to 5 vs 5 as it will be more likely to win when the team war or just 2 vs 2.
  • Maximize Skill 2 First because of this Faramis & # 39; the Main weapon, use this skill 2 when there are many targets (Heroes/minions) so give significant additional damage, but do not have to wait for the enemy to collect if there are not many targets, ideally, we first Use skill 1 to bring the target closer to Faramis then we launch Skill 2 as finishing, in fact, we do not need to be fixed on this theory, just use skill 1 and 2 according to the circumstances, skill 1 as control crowd used when we want to capture the enemies that try to escape, skill 2 that we use to poke and play damage.
  • Skill spam 1 To quickly move and move the track, remember this skill 1 increases the speed of the movement instantaneous, so we can use it when it’s important to escape or also chase the enemy. When you want to attract enemies to keep a safe distance, don’t get too far but also not too close so the enemy can finish off us, usually imagine we hit & run using a remote shooter like Layla/Lesley.
  • In the beginning or simply respawn just focus on your hand-foot cleansing and accumulate piles of passive skills to the fullest, so we can respawn faster if you die later.
  • One of my favorite tactics is suicide attacks, so when there’s no hope of escaping the opponent’s gang, then giving resistance to the last blood drops using ultimate skill, so instead of escaping from the siege of the enemy, we’re even deliberately challenging them and giving as much damage to the enemy or holding them (with skill 1) so as not to pursue a friend/team that’s running away.
  • Faramis are not very effective alone/solo lane, keep playing safe and rely on teamwork both when using build support and full witch.
  • Diligently practice and also watch the Faramis Pro user video or stream the top Faramis player right away so you can learn and master this hero better.

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