Tips and Tricks For Playing PUBG For Beginners

Tips and Tricks For Playing PUBG For Beginners – PUBG or Battlegrounds PlayerUnkown looks simple but is actually much more difficult when played. There are many tips and tricks that should be known for those who want to play PUBG as will be explained in the following article.
PUBG is a shooting game genre because the main goal of every player is how to become the last person to survive. You can even win games without even shooting enemies. The right strategy plays a role here.
Many of the highest ranking players rely solely on stealth strategies such as hiding in a ship or in the bush in the distance and seeing other players exchanging exchanges to kill each other.
Tips and Tricks For Playing PUBG For Beginners 1
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Briefly, the path used in this game starts from inside the plane that takes the player to the landing site on a remote island without occupants.
After landing in a certain location that is safe, you must start collecting resources such as weapons, health equipment and more. You do this by looting these items that are usually hidden in buildings.
You must always be vigilant and find a safe point to rest and defend yourself along the way. The following tips are very useful in PUBG games starting from the beginning of the game to winning the final fight.
The following summary of the basics of the PUBG game will really help beginners set the right strategy by mastering the important things:
1. Get rid of your weapon by pressing the X button on the PC keyboard so you can run six percent faster.
2. Remove the shoes, because when we stepping on various surfaces, the battlefield will not cause a sound that will attract the attention of other players.
3. When refueling. the vehicle must stop completely, but you can still refuel from the car by right-clicking the cannister in your inventory.
4. Always use map markers, and specific North / South / East / West instructions) when on the team.
5. Set voice chat to be personal, sometimes the enemy team forgets to set it up so you can hear their conversation.
6. Change the rate of fire using the B button or the left d-pad on the console.
7. There are three choices, namely Hip Fire, more accurate hip-fire (press and hold the right mouse button), and aiming-down-sights (ADS) by pressing the right mouse button). You can also change settings to switch directly to ADS by holding down the right mouse click rather than using the on/off button.
8. Large cities under the flight path are dangerous places for landings, but usually, have a lot of loot items. For a good start, find a small group of buildings right at the edge of the parachute range, or use one of the more detailed situational strategies to get better loot.
9. Important items that you should find as soon as possible are assault rifles (AR) assault rifles, backpacks, bulletproof vests, medical items, and helmets.
10. All doors in the game are closed. If the door is open then other players must be there. If you leave the door open, it means telling other players that you were there.
11. If you are hit by long-range shots and don’t know where they come from, immediately run fast with a zigzag pattern to close the enemy line of sight.
12. Always clean the building (unless you are in a hurry) before committing looting. It’s easier to lure the enemy to feel safe by leaving the booty on the ground, then shoot them from behind.
13. When fighting enemies, ignore whatever you face. They can’t live anymore unless they are saved, so prioritize enemies who can still attack you.
14. Vehicles are great for traveling long distances at high speeds, but attract the attention of the enemy because they cause noise. Use the vehicle wisely.
15. The vehicle will roll over when going down the hills, and explode when they hit something quickly. Park it sideways on the sloping terrain so that it doesn’t roll over, and if you hit it then get out of the vehicle immediately.
16. Not all scopes or binoculars are suitable for rifles. You can place 8x binoculars on all AR, except M16. Likewise, you cannot install 8x binoculars on SMGs. You can shoot M16 like an automatic weapon that shoots quickly by using burst fire mode and determining the timing of pulling the trigger perfectly.
17. Know which helmet can take a large amount of damage. Kar98 helmets most commonly used by snipers can get you killed instantly with a headshot if you have a Level 2 helmet or underneath. Watch what helmet your opponent is wearing before you decide to shoot him.
18. After the game starts, the gun is almost useless. Just save one shoot if you have an automatic gun that works like an SMG. The gun or ammunition will only waste valuable inventory space.
19. Avoid bridges if you need to cross to enter a safe zone because there are almost always enemies waiting to kill you. You can swim or find a boat instead.
20. Always move, even when looting or camping, because stopping will only make it easier for enemies to shoot you easily. Move zigzag or squat-stand alternately.
21. Hold the Alt key or hold RB on the Xbox console to browse the situation without moving. This is good if you are camping and also when falling from the plane.
22. You can dive underwater by holding the C key on the keyboard (B button on the Xbox). Then appear on the surface of the water by holding down the Space key (the A button on the Xbox).
23. Switch seats in the vehicle by pressing the Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6 button. For example, pressing Ctrl + 1 will take you to the driver’s seat. While on the Xbox console by tapping the A button to sit in the driver’s seat.
24. On a computer, you can auto-sprint by pressing the ‘=’ button on the PC keyboard.
25. If you want to shoot by tilting to the left then press the ‘Q’, or right button with the ‘E’ button. Or click the stick when shooting with the Xbox console. Use this to see and shoot around the wall without showing too much.
26. Hold ‘Shift’ to increase vehicle speed.
27. Use the vehicle handbrake when you want to spin fast by pressing the ‘Space’ button or the Y button on the Xbox console.
28. Control the motorbike when floating in the air by pressing the ‘Space’ + ‘Left Ctrl ‘button.
29. To hold your breath use the ‘Shift’ or LB button on the Xbox (only for ADS mode).
30. You can throw a grenade with a throw under your arm by pressing the left mouse button and then ‘press the right mouse button to throw.