3 Best Marksman in Rank Mobile Legends

3 best Marksman in Rank – Marksman is one of the roles that hold the key to victory in a team. Marksman is the main source of damage to the team (core hero). Therefore it cannot be arbitrary in choosing a Marksman hero to use.
In this article, we have three dangerous Marksman heroes to watch out for when picked by opponents. And the following sequence of dangerous hero Marksman in tier Legend – Mythic.

1. Kimmy

3 Best Marksman in Rank Mobile Legends 1
Kimmy is the Marksman hero who is currently the most dangerous in the match. Kimmy has the fastest basic attack today even though early game though. Kimmy also gets a quick farming rotation.
Because Kimmy can master the team’s own jungle monsters and opponents quickly. Not only that, Kimmy can quickly act to push the opponent’s turret. But it should be noted that during late game Kimmy is not very useful. Therefore try to finish the game quickly.

2. Granger

3 Best Marksman in Rank Mobile Legends 2
Next is Granger, this Marksman is often picked in matches. Burst damage produced by Granger is indeed feared by all his opponents, even from the early game though.
First, Granger can quickly kill jungle monsters and clearing minions. Not only that, the agility of Grangerini is extraordinary. His 2 skills make Grangers difficult to target or chase by opponents.
Besides that the distance from Granger’s ultimate skill is very far, so he can do damage even from a distance. Therefore Granger is very dangerous when picked in matches.

3. Claude

3 Best Marksman in Rank Mobile Legends 3
The third is Claude, Marksman is feared if he is in the mid-game until late game. The DPS given by Claude was very painful when he already had Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff items.
The Area of ​​Effect of its ultimate skill is able to chop down five of its opponents at once! Remember, Claude must already have the two items above. The agility and speed of movement speed from Claude is also used as a reason why he is called dangerous.