How to Set Macro Attack on MarketGlory

How to Make Macro Attack on MarketGlory (Prepare for the Arena Fight) - At this time, we will explain how to make an example of a Macro Attack. We can create a maximum of 9 attack macros, each macro contains 6 positions. We only make 1 macro attack, because for making other macro attacks the same way.

How to Set a macro attack

1. Select the 'FIGHT' menu then select "Arena", make sure in the "Arena Tactics" tab.

2. After that, we will try to make 1 macro attack. Click on the picture of the soldier shooting (shown arrow)

then an army image will appear in the middle.

Next, we will make 6 Positions (1 macro attack).

1. Set Position 1: specify the area to be attacked. For example, click the head area.

2. Set Position 2: specify the area to be attacked. 

3. Set Position 3: specify the area to be attacked.

4. Set Position 4: specify the area to be attacked.

5. Set Position 5: determine which areas will be attacked.

6. Set Position 6: specify the area to be attacked, then click the "Set" button to save the position set 1 to 6.

After all positions 1 to 6 have been saved, macro 1 (attack) will appear.

That's the way to make macro attacks. You should remember that how to make macro attacks 1 to 9 is the same.
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