How to Referal Fight on MarketGlory

Referral Fight (RF) is arguably a routine activity for novice players in the market glory because we can raise capital to buy energy and other needs. In this tutorial, we will explain how to do RF.

1. As usual login first (recommended using digipass for security login)

2. Then select the FIGHT menu and select Referral Fight

3. After the display appears below, click the "Attack" button
Note: usually the name that appears is "Trainer", but sometimes when lucky, other players appear and it can be Attacked. But for beginners, it's better just attack trainer.

4. After that, the display will appear again, click the "Attack" button again

5. After that, please wait for about 10 minutes each RF to get a fight bonus.

6. After 10 minutes the display will appear below:

So, in the referral fight (RF):
  • 10x maximum a day
  • each fight about 10 minutes
  • each fight energy will decrease by 5%
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