How to Do Work in MarketGlory

How to do Work in MarketGlory In addition to conducting a referral fight (RF), you also work in order to get a salary from the government. Even beginners are advised to do this every day to collect bonuses. If you work for three days in a row, you will get a work bonus. Actually, in addition to getting a salary from work, players will also get experience points. Therefore in this article, we will explain how to do work in Marketglory:

1. As always, don't forget to log in to Marketglory (recommended using digipass)

2. Select the "WORK" menu and make sure in the "Workplaces" tab

3. Make sure there is an inscription "You have agreed to automatically work the first available job." Because if there is no writing, it might not work because there are no jobs available.

4. When you are sure, don't forget to click the "WORK NOW" button

5. After that, the salary will appear from the work and please wait for the time to finish.

6. If the time count is complete then history will appear from the work (Worklog tab).

  • if you working, you will get a salary and experience point.
  • if you work 3 days in a row, you will get a work bonus.
  • don't forget to make sure 10% of Productivity points.

That's the way to do the work, hopefully useful.
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