How to Buy Newspapers on MarketGlory (To Add Energy)

Energy is very important for Marketglory players because energy can determine the distribution of bonuses by the government. In this article, a tutorial will be given to increase energy by buying a newspaper. Newspapers can be bought a maximum of 10 sheets per day and will add energy by 0.3 per sheet.

1. First of all, don't forget to log in to marketglory (use digipass for login security)

2. On the "Home" menu or the main display Marketglory will appear several newspapers that can be purchased with prices ranging from $0.000000711314 to $0.0000142270 (take the lowest price <$0.0000142270).

after selecting the newspaper to be purchased then click "View". Then the complete contents of the newspaper will appear.

That's how to buy a newspaper to increase energy, hopefully useful.
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