How to Buy Milk, Cuisine, Wine and Energy Drinks (To Add Energy)

Buy Milk, Cuisine, Wine and Energy Drinks (To Add Energy) on MarketGlory - In the previous tutorial, it was explained how to buy a newspaper, now in this tutorial, there will be other ways to add energy. In addition to buying newspapers, there are still ways to increase energy by buying milk, cuisine, wine, cheese, energy drinks, clothing, shelter.

If you don't know how much energy from the products above, please read this article.
Okay let's look at the following tutorial about how to buy it:

1. Login to Marketglory (can use digipass for security login)

2. Select the MARKET menu, then select Local Market

3. After selecting Local Market, then choose Food (to buy food and drinks)

4. After that choose:
  • Dairy or milk
  • Cuisine Product or food
  • Wine (a type of alcoholic beverage)
  • Energy Drinks (like coffee etc.)
  • Cheese or cheese

5. Then choose the quality of the drink or food (low/normal/high)

6. The price of the beverage or food will be displayed according to the quality chosen. The better the product quality (High), the price will be more expensive and more energy will be obtained.

7. If you are sure of the price, please fill in the amount to be purchased in the box and after that don't forget to click "BUY".

Thus this article and hopefully useful.
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