9 Hero Power in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

9 types of hero power on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - We already know that there are 9 heroes in Hearthstone. All nine have different hero powers from each other. On this occasion, the hearthstone trick will discuss the power of the nine heroes. Keep in mind that each hero power has a 2 cost. Here are the nine:

1. Mage

The first hero we get has Fireblast power. Gives 1 damage to the character. Characters that are targeted free. It can be your opponent or character. We can use this power to strengthen our minion enrage.

2. Hunter

Hero characterized by the use of this Beast has Steady Shot power. That is to give 2 damage to the opponent's hero. Looks more beneficial than Fireblast, right? It is true. In some situations, this Steady Shot is more profitable than Fireblast. But this 2 damage gain is only for the hero. So you can't use these 2 damage for your opponent's minions.

3. Rogue

This wild hero is equipped with Dagger Mastery's hero power. With this skill, Rogue will be equipped with weapons with 1 damage and 2 durability.

4. Shaman

This hero control has skills that are very supportive of fighting types. Yes, he has a Totemic Call. This power invokes one of the four available totems. There are Bertaunt totems, Wrath of Air totems, Searing totems, and healing totems. All four can be used to do board control with additional buffers.

5. Druid

Shapeshift (like Lycan's birthday, this skill) gives a Druid +1 attack and +1 armor. For +1 attack only applies to this turn skill is used while +1 armor remains until the next turn until this armor is destroyed. This Druid hero power includes balanced skills for the control board and maintaining the health of the hero.

6. Paladin

This hard control hero uses his Reinforce to summon 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit. Maybe it looks rotten, huh? With 2 which only gets 1/1 minion. But first, look at other Paladin buff cards. With these cards, the Silver Hand Recruit is powerful.

7. Warrior

Another hard control hero, Warrior! Warriors are famous for their large and muscular bodies. Namely, Armor Up !. Add 2 armor to the hero. Maybe it looks small, huh. But imagine if each Warrior's turn has two mana left and he uses it for this hero power. Crazy, can be up to 10 boss ... just in 5 turns. So, if you oppose this Warrior, it might immediately "brush" on the early turns.

8. Priest

Healing! This is what Priest does. With the Lesser Heal hero power that can be cast for all characters including opponents, this skill is very useful. With a value of 2 heal points, this power can be a combo to prevent minion enrage from the dead of gas. But there are others from Priest. Ie he has a hero power changer. This means that this will replace the 2-point Priest Heal skill to 4 points (will be discussed further in the next article).

9. Warlock

Represented by Gul 'and with hero power, Life Tap, Warlock can easily do game-changers. When viewed by paying 2 mana and 2 health it seems TO USE, but getting an additional 1 card can distinguish between life or death. But don't be too passionate about using power, just use it when it's needed.

10. Lord Jaraxxus

This Warlock replacement hero can be used by paying 9 mana. After being released Lord Jaraxxus will replace Gul'dan and set health benchmarks at 15 points, 3/8 weapons, and most amazingly change the hero power into Inferno (summon 6/6 infernal) wow... So when you fight Warlock and his life he already lives a little, don't be happy before he can keep this Lord Jaraxxus in his hands.

11. Dark Priest

Same as the previous hero power changer, but this skill makes the (Dark) Priest skill a Mind Spike and a Mind Shatter. That gives 2 damage to Mind Spike and 3 damage to Mind Shatter. This power can be targeted to all characters both the characters themselves or opponents.

That's all about the hero skills at Hearthstone. Hopefully, increase our knowledge about Hearthstone. Don't forget to read other articles about the types of Minion Cards at Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Thanks. Greetings Doom!
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