X.Borg Best Build, Tips, Trick and Guide Mobile Legends

X.Borg is a fighter that has a range of attack that is quite far away, in contrast to other Fighter who rely on mele, he is blessed by the unique abilities of Moonton with his distant range.

The skill of X.Borg in our opinion is very painful because apart from the effect of AoE or its wide area, he can also issue true damage which can clearly penetrate the armor quickly. If it is related to this meta season 13 which often ganks, its ultimate name, last insanity, is certainly feared because it can quickly burn an existing hero.

X.Borg Advantages

• Has a skill with AoE and a large Burst True Damage
• Has a strong endurance for a Fighter
• Continuous regeneration that makes X.Borg hard to kill

X. Borg Deficiency

• It is difficult to lock targets towards your opponent
• Ultimate Skills can be dangerous if misused.
• Has less Crowd Control effect as a Fighter.

X.Borg Best Build

X.Borg Emblem Recommendation

For emblems, we can use Custom Fighter, Custom Assasins, and Custom Tank.

X.Borg Battle Spell Recommendation

For Battle Spell, we Recommend you to use Flicker or Sprint.

X.Borg Tips, Trick and Guide

1. Maximize Use of Fiagra Supply

Fiagra Supply is a "battery" that appears when X.Borg burns enemies who are at the highest hot spot. The battery is useful for recovering Armor and Energy owned by him.

In one shot, X.Borg can get one to three Fiagra Supply (depending on the number of enemy blood that we attacked).

Maximizing the use of Fiagra Supply can help X-borg to survive during combat. Instantly, he can continue to regenerate during battles which makes it very difficult to kill.

In addition, this battery can also speed up X.Borg to get his Armor back when it is Armorless. So, it's obligatory to take these batteries so that you still survive.

2. Spam Skill Fire Missile

Fire Missile becomes the main attack skill of X.Borg. Although it does not have as much damage as the Last Insanity skill, Fire Missile is reliable because it has a relatively short cooldown skill duration, which is four seconds.

That means we don't have to worry about spamming the Fire Missile skill. Because X.Borg doesn't need mana while using the abilities.

Fire Missile that is used continuously towards the enemy can have a pretty big damage effect. In addition, we can also obtain Fiagra Supply that arises because of the use of these skills.

However, you need to prioritize enemies in using these skills. Enemies who have a low level of defense must be the main target in order to use skills more efficiently and effectively.

3. Adjust the Skill Direction Correctly

Haphazard use of skills won't be of much use in battles. We need to make sure the skills used are aimed right at the enemy to maximize the level of damage produced.

Fire Missile and Fire Stake are two skills that are quite difficult to use properly. In addition, Last Insanity is not too difficult to use, because of the skill has an area of ​​attack and explosion that can directly attack enemies around X.Borg.

During the use of the Fire Missile, we need to pay close attention to the direction of the attack. We have to adjust the position of X-Borg according to the direction of the enemy to give an attack well.

In addition, the Fire Stake skill also requires the careful direction of use. With the right direction, we can pull the enemy closer to X.Borg and maximize Fire Missile attacks.

4. Be careful using ultimate skill

The ultimate skill (Last Insanity) becomes quite a trick when used. The reason is, X-Borg can provide high damage to the surrounding enemies.

However, this "suicide" attack made him have to take off his armor at the same time. These conditions make us have to be careful in using the Last Insanity skill during battle.

If used at the wrong momentum, X-Borg which without Armor will be finished off by the enemy very easily. Without the help of Armor, he will not be able to provide significant resistance.

Plus, X.Borg isn't equipped with escaping capabilities that can help him escape in a cornered position. For that, it would be wise if you play more alert when you're in Armorless mode.

5. Keep a Safe Distance During Fighting

As the main attack skill, the use of Fire Missile must be a concern. During use, we can maximize the range to hit the enemy. The existence of this range can make X-Borg play in a safer area while attacking enemies.

Even though you have Fiagra Supply that can regenerate Armor instantly, you still have to be careful during battles. If you play too aggressively and are in the wrong position, he can be ganked by more than one enemy.

Once affected by crowd control, the enemy can collectively finish off X.Borg. To avoid this bad possibility, we need to keep a safe distance during the fight. Especially when you are in Armorless mode.
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