6 Best Hero Of Season 13 In Every Role

There are six Roles in MOBA, Mobile Legends. Each role hero will have different skills and attack abilities. In Season 13, there are more and more heroes in the most popular MOBA in Indonesia.

Each role also has one of the strongest and best heroes. Well, for those of you who are curious about what these heroes are, here are the best heroes in each role in Season 13 Mobile Legends.

1. Kaja (Support)

At first, Kaja is a weak hero that is rarely found in various modes. In fact, this hero with a Support role was once considered the weakest hero in Mobile Legends.

But since the patch was done, Kaja became stronger you know (Buff). In fact, the best hero in this Support role can be on par with Mage or Tank heroes.

2. Grock (Tank)

As we know, lately Grock has become a hero who is getting stronger. Even though some of the patches don't have much effect, Grock users seem to know how to be pro by using this Tank.

Not surprisingly, Grock is now the best Tanker hero in Season 13.

3. Chou (Fighter)

Chou is the hero with the best role Fighter in Mobile Legends. This hero has always been a mainstay of Solo players who want to quickly push rank to Mythic.

Not a few players who think that this Chou is an overpowered hero. But Moonton never nerf this hero.

4. Gusion (Assassin)

Next is Gusion, the Assassin and Semi Mage heroes that are most often encountered when Ranking. Just like Chou, Gusion is also suitable for being a Solo hero or when playing with a team.

5. Harith (Mage)

It's common to see Harith being banned in a draft pick. This is because of his agility which makes upset and makes Harith the best hero in the role of Mage.

Even this hero can spend the opponent's hero even in the early game.

6. Granger (Marksman)

Finally, there is Granger, the latest Marksman hero who is immediately a favorite of Mobile Legends players. Currently, Granger is still very overpowered and has been named the best Marksman hero in Season 13.
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