5 Helicopter Locations on PUBG Mobile

In the patch update 0.14.0 that was released last August, we can feel the excitement of the latest zombie mode, titled Infection Mode on PUBG Mobile. Apparently, Infection Mode is not the only new thing that comes through patch update 0.14.0. Tencent and PUBG Corporation also added helicopters to this game.

You can find helicopters in several locations scattered in all PUBG Mobile folders. Unfortunately, the helicopter could not be driven at this time. As if the object is only as a display in the folder only.

Even if you can't (can't yet) drive, you need to know in any location you can find a helicopter. Come on, see the list!

1. Severny

You can find a helicopter in the northern part of Erangel, precisely in Severny. Its location is far enough to make this location not as popular as other places, like Pochinki or School. However, it doesn't hurt for you to stop by this location to see a helicopter or get a quality loot.

Where can you find a helicopter in Severny? One type of aircraft you can find at the T-junction at the end of the city. The helicopter is standing right near the water's edge.

2. Los Leones

You can also find helicopters on Miramar. You can find the plane in one of the most popular locations in Miramar, namely Los Leones. If you want to stop by Los Leones to find a helicopter, you have to be more careful because this place is famous for its riots.

Where can you find helicopters in Los Leones? You can find the plane in the southern part of this location. So, make sure you head to the lower left of Los Leones to see the helicopter.

3. Camp Alpha

The helicopter is also in the third map of the PUBG, which is Sanhok. The aircraft is located right around Camp Alpha. To find it, you must go to the location located at the top right of Camp Alpha that appears on the map.

At the top right of Camp Alpha, there is a hill whose top is filled with various temples. Once you arrive there, the helicopter is clearly parked right in the middle of the temple.

4. Cosmodrome

You can also find helicopters in the PUBG flats folder, Vikendi. You can find the plane at Cosmodrome, a location in the northern part of Vikendi. To find it, go to a large building located at the top of the Cosmodrome inscription that appears on the map.

Then, go to the open ground in the middle of the building. You will find a helicopter that is perfectly parked in the brown grass that is on location.

5. Pochinki

Besides Severny, you can also find other helicopters in Erangel. This second helicopter turned out to be in one of the most remote places in Erangel, namely Pochinki. If you like to play riot since the beginning of the game, there's no harm in stopping in Pochinki while looking at a helicopter.

Where can you find a helicopter in Pochinki? You can find these planes in the open land around the housing complex in Pochinki. The exact location is above the letter "H" that appears on the map.
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