4 Ways to Get Polymer Coating and Film Fabric on LifeAfter

Polymer Coating will be very necessary if you have entered Newbie Quests in Chapter 4, where you will get a mission to make UMP9 item and Bullet-Proof Jacket. Both of these items need to require several materials, 2 of which are Polymer Coating and Film Fabric which are included in the category of rare items.

In this article, we will give a few tips, namely How to Get Polymer Coating and Fabric Films at LifeAfter. In my own opinion to get Polymer Coating is more difficult than to get Fabric Films.

4. Mysterious Chest Snow Highlands

In the game LifeAfter, there are 5 Mysterious Chests in SnowHighlands where you will get Polymer Coating, Film Fabric, Cypress Leaf, Kyanite, Berries, Bandages, and Hemp.

3. Mystic Creatures

By defeating Mystic Creatures you will get some Polymer Coating and also Fabric Film. Mystic Creature can appear in 3 different locations namely Fall Forest, SandCastle, and Snow Highlands. If you are still using UZI weapons and don't have UMP9 weapons, I suggest you should kill Mystic Creatures in the Fall Forest only.

2. Camp Box

To be able to use this method, the Camp you are currently entering must be at least in the Steam or Electric level. If your Camp level has entered that level, you can get a mutinous box or advance supply chest camp. To get that Box, you must use at least 2,000 Camp Contribution Points.

From this Box, you can get a number of useful items such as Skill points, Dollars, Polymer Coating, and also Film Fabric.

1. Treasure Chests

To get polymer coating and film fabric the best way is to look for treasure chests. From treasure map chests you can get some very useful materials such as Polymer Coating. However, items that you get from opening the chests are randomly obtained

You are required to play Stronghold Battle Mode, or other names are Infected Lair in Fall Forest and also Castle Battle in SandCastle. From this mode, you will get Feat points.

Visit the Fall Forest and open your mini-map. Look for a stronghold battle point then go towards it to find a board and NPC trader who uses a ghillie suit. You can get some items in the treasure map from the NPC's trading list. Use your Feat points to get treasure maps. 

When you get the treasure map, you can use it by pressing the locate button. Next is in a location, your mini-map will appear. Go to that place and dig for the chest. You will randomly get good resource items or Film Fabric and Polymer Coating.
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