Lylia Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide)

Lylia is a mage who has the type of Poke and Push. This Mage will be the next addition. She has the ability to trap Angry Gloom's skill (skill 2), Skill 1 is Magic Shockwave, and her ultimate skill can reverse time is Black Shoe.

If used correctly, Lylia can kill enemies who have low to moderate health using a combination of skill 1 and skill 2. Especially when she uses the trap, she can hide it in Bush. If a trap explodes, another trap near it will also explode, and provide significant additional damage. So be careful when fighting Lylia, especially when she is hiding the trap that she has.

Lylia is a hero in one lane, which is only useful in her cage. She needs a little preparation in putting the trap, and surprising opponents who want to do something about him. Therefore, she became one of the annoying heroes, as well as being a hero who was quite difficult to control. Even so, it is only the mobile legend players themselves who can know clearly how difficult and not to control Lylia. What do you think about this one hero? Will you buy it?

Lylia Advantages

  • Has great Instant Damage
  • Already has large damage in the Early Game
  • AoE skill that troubles the opponent
  • Will be very helpful in the team fight
  • Lyliaskill has a fairly short cooldown

Lylia Disadvantages

  • It is difficult to lock the target to the opponent's area
  • Skill control is quite troublesome
  • It would be very dangerous if one uses the Ultimate Skill
  • Lylia will be easily defeated by 1 vs 1

Lylia Best Build

The most suitable Build for Lylia is as shown below:

Lylia Best Emblem

The most suitable Emblem for Lylia is as shown below:

Lylia Best Battle Spell

The most suitable Battle Spell for Lylia is as shown below:

Tips, Trick and Guide for Lylia

Tips, tricks and guides for Lylia are in the process of typing and processing, so wait a while and don't forget to come back again! Therefore, you can see another hero guide in this site :)

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