Jawhead Best Build, Tips, Trick and Tutorial Mobile Legends (Guide)

In this tutorial we will learn how to play using Jawhead properly and correctly, this fighter is quite in season 7. The uniqueness of this hero is he has the ability to throw the heroes. It's certain many players use this hero to jokes their teams like throwing friends to enemy towers. If we can play this hero correctly, this hero is very OP at all because it has very good crowd control and can give high damage at the beginning of the game.

Jawhead is one of the best heroes to counter mage in Mobile Legends because Jawhead can engage quickly and also throw enemies close to our team. All heroes who have low mobility like mage and marksman are the main targets. This hero can be very flexible if we build the item as tankers and fighters including semi tank-fighters, but we must learn to position ourselves whether we want to play as a full fighter or as a crowd controller, you can say this hero looks like Chou.

Jawhead advantages:

  • Very strong in the early game. The damage of skill 1 is so painful in the early game, so we can push the enemy as fast as possible and push the tower aggressively. Besides that, skill 2 is also very useful for throwing enemies into our turret.
  • Mage and marksman killer. We can lock one target use skill 3 and then continue with skill 2 to throw targets at our team or turret. This hero is more suitable for scabies and crowd control. rather than being a fighter.
  • Fun to play. Play using Jawhead will be more fun because skill 2 is different from all heroes, so we won't get bored easily (like use Fanny). If we meet a toxic player or feeder, we can throw him at the enemies to vent our aggravation :D (don't try it in rank).
  • Good in catch the enemies. Before throwing the target use skill 2, our movement speed will increase so will get them or we can use this skill to run away. Skill 3 has a long range and auto lock the specified target. If these two skills Combined it will be easily picked up enemies.

Jawhead Disadvantages:

  • Slow mobility. Jawhead's movement is only fast when we use skill 2 (before throwing the target), besides that Jawhead is just an ordinary fighter with minimal movement speed and is quite easily got hit, the movement is quite slow and unfortunately, the ultimate skill is only suitable for to chase the enemy from the opponent's pursuit
  • Low defense. if we build the item as a fighter, it will be very weak in the front when team fight, even if we build the item like a tank, it also still soft (not hard as Balmond or Hilda) because the rollers are a fighter.  When viewed Jawhead from the skill, the skill is indeed designed to be a full fighter burst damage, therefore we also need to be vigilant and careful when engaging an opponent hero, it might be that we are shaken when approaching.
  • Very dependent on the team. Jawhead is a fighter that relies more on skills than basic attack. He is not a strong fighter fist fights (except early games) so we still need to maximize the potential of this hero as well as possible.
  • Single target crowd control. The most important key in playing this hero is to lock one target to snatched so we can dominate the game. Skill 2 and skill 3 can only lock one target so this hero is less effective at 5 vs 5, it requires mass CC to control the crowded conditions of the war team, but if we manage to kill one important hero like a marksman, we can dominate the game.

Jawhead builds Items:

  • Jawhead builds are very flexible, we can build like a tank, semi tanks, or fighters (full damage), but the key is we have to pay attention to the composition of our own team, if they are lacking damage, we should use fighters build and if we lack defense, we should use tank build, if balanced we can try to use semi-tank build.
  • The build above is recommended, the first line is a build tank, the second line is a semi-tank build, and the last is a fighter build. Based on my experience, the semi-tank build is the most ideal for various situations, we can provide damage (+lifesteal) and still have enough defense to protect our team.

The most suitable battle spell for Jawhead is Petrify and Flicker.
  • Use Petrify to provide extra crowd control, this spell is the most ideal and recommended for Jawhead because it can be combined with skills 2 and 3 when snatching opponents.
  • Use Flicker to run away from enemies, this spell is also useful to catch opponents who are trying to escape, then we can also do sudden attacks with Flicker -> skill 2 when the enemy is off guard.

For emblems, we can use Common Physical or Custom Tank emblems.

Jawhead is very good to fight the following heroes:

  • All mage & support heroes
  • All hero marksman
  • Karina
  • Natalia

Jawhead is quite weak against some of the following heroes:

Jawhead combo:

There are 2 ways to use Jawhead skill to throw enemies into the tower and snatch enemies both in lane and when they are inside their own tower.

For the first we use the following combination:

Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 2 (throw) -> Skill 3 -> followed by skill 1 + Petrify (if any)

Like the following snippet:

If we want to snatch an enemy who is running away or when we want to take out an enemy hero who is in the tower, we can use this combo:

Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 (throw) -> skill 1 + Petrify (if any)

Like the following snippet:

Note: make sure to use hero lock mode and pay attention when throwing the enemy using skill 2, try to be close to the target.

Jawhead guide, tips & tricks:

  • Before determining the build, you should check the composition of the team and the roles that are whether they need damage or defense. If you are in doubt, I suggest using a semi-tank or fighter build.
  • Try targeting mage and marksman because the hero is very easily picked up. If you are in a team fight, you can throw enemies at your own friends so they get damage and stun for a moment.
  • When trying to run away we can throw enemies who are chasing us to keep them away, even better if we can throw them to our friends so they get stunned, we can also use jungle or minions to help us escape.
  • Always spam basic attacks when we use skill 1. The passive skill effects will give us a very large additional damage, especially when we are using skill 1.
  • Jawhead is a collaborative hero, like Ruby and Chou so don't be alone in a lane or push the turret alone, take advantage of the scoop skill to give your team the chance to get kill  or assists.

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