How to Install JDK and Configure it on Windows

How do you install the JDK and the settings? Let's discuss a little what is JDK. JDK is software that is used to compile Java code by bytecode which can be understood and can be run by JRE (Java Runtime Envirotment).

Currently the main programming language for developing android applications is Java. Besides java there are: C ++, Kotlin, and Javascript (hybrid).

That means before installing android studio and doing the coding process using jav  language we have to install set up jdk on the computer that we use.

How to Install JDK
  • Download JDK 8 (or can be adjusted to the latest version) from the Oracle site or directly click the download link, select according to the OS you are using.

  • If you have downloaded, open the file then click next, as shown below

  • Select feature (follow the picture) then click next

  • Wait for the progress to finish

  • Specify the location of the jdk folder where it will be stored, then click next

  • The installation process will start and wait until it's finished

  • If the installation process is complete, please click close

JDK Setting or Configuration (PATH)
So that we can use Android Studio normally, after installing the JDK we have to configure the JDK PATH.

The steps are as follows.

  • Copy the address of the installation folder jdk by: Computer> local Disk (c)> program files> java> jdk folder> bin> javac

  • After that right-click on Computer> Properties> Advanced System Settings

  • Select Environment Variable

  • Look for the Path variable and paste the jdk folder storage location on the variable value then click ok

JDK Installation and Path Settings are complete.
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