How to Install SDK Android Studio Easily

After the installation of Android Studio is complete it does not mean that we can immediately use the IDE Android Studio, but we also have to install the SDK. Then how to install the Android Studio SDK? Read more about this tutorial.

1. What is SDK?
SDK (Standard Development Kit) is a collection of several tools, components, and platforms for developing Android-based applications.

SDK is also a part of java or usually called the Java SDK. The SDK itself covers:
  • Java Complier (Javac)
  • Java Virtual Machine (Java Runtime Environment / JRE).
  • Java Class Libraries (classes that can be used to generate java programs)
  • Java Debugger
  • Documentation (in a separate download package)

SDK is required to create application programs that use the Java programming language. Why do we need to install the SDK to develop an android application? Because the main language for making android applications natively is the java programming language.

2. How to Install SDK Android Studio
After installing Android Studio, the initial window that opens is as shown in the following picture:

  • In the above window select and click Configure then click SDK Manager

  • The window will appear as shown below

  • Here I will demonstrate installing the Android API SDK 28. The method is the checklist on the SDK that we want to install then select Apply.

  • Click ok to process the download and install the SDK. Make sure the computer or laptop is connected to a stable internet.

  • Wait until the download and install process is complete. Then click finish.

Until here the SDK install is complete. Then what if we have already made a new project without installing the SDK first?

Relax other options to display the SDK Manager by:
  • Click the tools on the menu bar in the Android studio
  • Then select Android> Click SDK Manager

  • After that, the SDK Manager window will appear, the image has been displayed above.

That's how to install the Android Studio SDK. Briefly or the length of time needed to install the SDK depends on the speed and stability of the internet connection that we use.
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