How to Upgrade Player in Dream League Soccer 2018

As we know, every player on Dream League Soccer 2018 has its own rating. There are Thomas Scobbie with the lowest rating of 54 and Cristiano Ronaldo with the highest rating of 93. This rating determines the skill of the player, both speed, acceleration, stamina, shooting, power, and others. The higher rating, the greater skill points, the more powerful player will be.

Now to developement player or upgrade the player's skills, you have to issue coins that are not small, which are between 20 - 120 coins for each upgrade. Even then, at most upgrades you only get 3 points generalized with 3 skills, aka 1 additional point for each skill.

Of course this can be said to be very little ...

Now for those of you who want to know how, please follow the following guidelines.

First, open the Dream League Soccer 18 game first. Then, press the bottom bar called Team Management.

Then, please click on one of the players you want to increase, aka upgrade. My advice, prepare enough coins so that the upgrade process can run smoothly and more optimally. Then, click the Player Development button, which is in the lower right corner of the screen.

After that, please choose what skills you want to upgrade. Adjust to the position of the player so that the results are more maximal.

1. Technique
Suitable for players with Left Back (LB), Right Back (RB), Midfielders, Forward positions
- Crossing
- Ball Control
- Passing

2. Distribution
Suitable for all player positions, especially for Midfielders
- heading
- Crossing
- Passing

3. Defending
Suitable for players with a Center Back (CB) position, Defensive Midfielder (DM), and Midfielder Center (CM)
- Strength
- Tackling
- heading

4. Fitness
Suitable for all player positions, especially for Forward Winger parts
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Stamina

5. Attacking
Suitable for players with Forward positions, especially for the Center Forward section
- Shooting
- Strength
- heading

6. Goalkeeping
Only suitable for goalkeeper aka goalkeeper
- Reactions
- Handling
- Presence

This is the full list of uses for each skill above:

1. Speed
Running speed of the player

2. Acceleration
Running speed from silence to running at maximum speed (acceleration)

3. Stamina
Stamina owned by the player, so as not to get tired quickly

4. Ball control
In order to be able to dribbling well and do dribbling skills

5. Strength
The strength that players have to win aerial duels and tackles

6. Tackling
Special Back skills for taking balls from enemies

7. Passing
Short range bait accuracy

8. Crossing
Accuracy of gastric and long distance bait

9. Shooting
Accuracy when shooting

10. Heading
Percentage of aerial duel wins and passing header accuracy

11. Reactions
A quick reaction from GK to ward off the ball kick

12. Handling
Can catch the ball well

13. Presense
GK's body position when the ball comes against the enemy and goal
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