How to Delete Games from Steam Library Permanently

Do you know that you can permanently delete / uninstall a game on the Steam Library? In fact, the method is very easy, no need to confirm this. Immediately, here is a guide to permanently delete and uninstall games from Steam Library without a trace ...

Every gamer must have his own favorite game genre, there are those who like the FPS genre game, there is a Strategy, Simulation, RPG, and many more. Therefore, it is no doubt that someone deleted or uninstalled the game that he had bought on the grounds that he did not like the genre or gameplay.

This is also often the case with Steam gamers. There are lots of good games from free to paid, beta release, old to new games, all on Steam. Sometimes, Steam account owners download a free game to try, who knows the game is interesting.

Apparently, he didn't like it at all, so he deleted it. The problem is, the game still appears in the Steam Library section, even though it doesn't play it anymore and removes it from the computer, so this can sometimes be annoying and "spoil" the profile profile of the owner.

Well, therefore, at this time we wants to give a guide / tutorial on how to delete the game on Steam to its roots, so that the game will no longer appear in your Steam Library. Immediately please listen to the following article.

How To Remove Steam Games To Avoid Appears in Steam Library

  • First, please open the Steam application first
  • In the top menu, select the Help section, then press Steam Support
  • Steam Support
  • Scroll down to the search box, now write the name of the game you want to delete, then click the game, for example in the image below I want to delete Warface

  • Select the "I want to permanently remove this game from my account" section

  • If you still believe you want to delete it, press "Ok, remove the listed games from my account permanently"

  • Finish, press return

  • return ...

It's easy isn't it? Remember, this method will permanently delete your game from Steam Library, which means you will not be able to do an undo to restore the game and you will also not get a refund or refund if the game you delete includes paid games, not Free.
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