How To Get Money Quickly in Red Dead Redemption 2

As the wise man said: "money controls everything around me", and if Arthur Morgan lived to see it in 1994, maybe he would agree. The key process in Red Dead Redemption is not in EXP or skill points, but in money. And if you have enough money, you can use it to buy new equipment and weapons, to eat, keep horses, buy new clothes, modify everything you have, and give you and your colleagues a more comfortable way of life. But this is not easy, that's why we share How to Get Money Quickly in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Gang Van Der Linde starts the game with a difficult financial position, and all the time you do the task without any prizes, and it seems you have no progress. But don't worry, there are several ways to get RDR I money. Here are all the ways to get the money we have found.

Loot Every Existing Corpse

Looting in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a bit difficult, but don't worry, because after a big battle, Arthur will have the opportunity to comb the battlefield to pick up coins, and here are the tips ~ press the looting button and Arthur will immediately go to the corpse then after he finished.

Also make sure to pick up the loot in the interior like a closet with drawers.

Rob People And Stores

If you want to look more evil than an ordinary cowboy, you can also rob people on the street by gunning and asking them to give everything they have. You can do the same with the shopkeeper and get access to cash registers and forbidden businesses that they might hide inside the building. Be careful because situations like this do not always go well, depending on who you are handling, you must be prepared for the consequences if the mission does not work after expectations.

Hijack the Train

The next is to hijack a train. If robbing people is a normal thing for you, then maybe hijacking a train can be a challenge for you. Watch every train that might be near you, there is a fairly difficult effort to ride it and defeat the guards, but after that, all the full carriages belong to you and the passengers hand over all their belongings. Be sure to cover your face and have to know when to make peace.

Rob the Wagon

Wagon can also be profitable, and they are a little easier to conquer. There are several ways to stop them, you can with courage or your muscles and after everything is under control you can take a box at the back of the wagon using the key or shoot the lock.

Later in the game, you will get access to characters who can give you tips on intercepting this profitable wagon.

Hunt for Bounty

Okay, it's time to be someone who is good for once, and this is like how to get money quickly on Red Dead Redemption 2 which is quite effective. This Wanted Bounty is optional which usually appears when playing, you usually find a poster in the Sheriff's office. You will get enough money if you succeed in hunting down these criminals.

Hunting for Animals, Then Selling It

Animals have several uses, you can skin them and use their fur for crafting, cook the meat to eat, and donate carcasses and meat to Pearson at the camp to keep food supplies in the camp. But if you have enough supplies, you can sell all the animals to the butcher in the cities. The price depends on the quality, and the change is not large, but if you are already on your way to town, pausing to hunt wild boar is a great way to make money.

Always Helping Victims from Poisonous and Bear Traps

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of small things to meet when meeting his world. One of these small things is related to snakes and bear traps. If you find someone asking for help, do something soon! They will not immediately give you anything, but later, you will meet them in front of the shop. They will lend everything, and offer to buy almost every item from the store. This can be a free gun or a new hat, and can lend dollars.

Selling Valuable Loot Items

As previously appreciated, you might get valuable items from looting such as rings, jewelry, belts, gems and pocket watches. These items are not the point, so you better just sell them. Maybe just take one watch. You can donate this bar through a donation box for gang funds, or you can directly sell it and the money will go straight into your pocket.

Selling Wagons and Horses

During the story process, Arthur and friends will meet characters who will bring stolen delmans or horses that you have received and give them a little money. This is a bit of a challenge, because you have to bring them back and produce them is not necessary, but it is worthy of approval if the distance is not too far away.

You can still sell horses in cages (ordinary horses), but the results won't get much from them. You can also oppose liars and sell them, you will get more dependent on your relationship.

Upgrade Dutch-Owned Tents at Camp

The first one upgrade you can ask for your camp is to increase Dutch property. This will encourage members to be more proactive in contributing to camp funds.

Play Minigames

If you think you are an expert in poker, then this will be an interesting way to get money. Red Dead Redemption provides minigames features such as poker, blackjack, dominoes, and five-finger fillets, all of which can be played to earn extra money.

Help People Get Information

If before, if you see people asking for help, help them and they give you tips more often while looking for more money, like a house that is ready to be robbed. Sometimes it doesn't need to be a criminal, just for those of you who need criminals and rob someone's house. But most of them are bad people.

Complete the mission

The way to get money quickly on the most effective Red Dead Redemption 2! So far the best and most profitable way to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to complete approved missions, side missions and missions from unknown people. Some of them will only give you a little money, some of them will give nothing at all. But some of them will involve activities such as those supported above, such as intercepting Stagecoaches (delman) or robbing homes. Some mission stories will give you thousands of dollars. Plus, these missions will give you new weapons and items, add a little money for you to collect to buy a bolt-action gun.
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