How To Catch Green Petite 100% Work! Ragnarok Eternal Love

This time we will discuss about Ragnarok mobile Tips and tricks, precisely to How to Catch Green Petite. So how do you catch Green Petite? it is so easy guys, you only need to follow the steps below and you will get Green Petite with 100% success!

Before entering the guide, please read the important information below.
  • If you want to save Zeny, buy a Shining Stone using Colorful Shell. But, this taming tool is worth 150 Colorful Shell. So we recommend that you maximize your resources. Use your pet to do Pet Adventure. They will return with the Payon Chest and will probably give you some Colorful Shell. It may take weeks to gather 150.
  • You need 5 Shining Stone to catch Green Petite with a 100% success rate
  • If you have enough Zeny, then you can buy 5 Shining Stone. Every Shining Stone costs 150k Zeny.

Now that's the important information that you need to remember before doing this process, now we go straight to the guide.

First, you should go to Glast Heim Outskirts, we can find Green Petite here. Glast Heim Outskirts located in  east of Glast Heim.

Find a place on the map where no other player is playing. It's hard to find the spot, but it's a guarantee that they don't work on you. Look for a server with a small player.

First release your weapon and let your pet do Pet Adventure. Will be better if we keep our Shining Stone in the item slot so we don't have to change tabs. Press Green Petite then press Shining Stone and immediately press 'Use'. After doing these steps, your screen should be as below.

Press Present every 2 seconds. Every time you give the Present, a red heart emoticon will appear above. Press Catch when the heart emoticon turns yellow. Remember, you can only press the Catch button when there is no more Shining Stone left in your slot item. Again, heart emoticons must also be yellow.

For example, you can see the pict below. The Shining Stone was 0 before pressing the Catch button.

Tadaaa! That's how to catch 100% Green Petite! What? It's easy ? It's just difficult in just a few parts. Good luck :)
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