The Types of Zombies in PUBG Mobile

As we already know that PUBG Mobile was collaborates with Resident Evil 2. PUBG Mobile presents several new features and includes Zombies: Survive Till Dawn, players will find several zombies and creatures or monsters that will attack you.

For those of you who are curious, who are the zombies and monsters in zombie mode. Here is a list of zombies and other creatures in the Mobile PUBG x Resident Evil 2.

Ordinary zombie

This zombie doesn't have special skills. Their biggest strength lies only in the huge amount that makes players have to think twice before shooting.


Spitter is one creature that has unique skills. He was able to spit out poisons on his enemies. However, players can still easily avoid the vomiting poison because it moves slowly and is predictable.


Licker is a creature that has speed and attack power that is exactly the same as the original version. Players need to be careful and avoid attacks.

Fat Zombie

Although the name is Fat Zombie, but these types of zombies can move quickly and besides that they have high attack power. Fat Zombies can explode when a player has managed to kill him.

G (Stage 1)

G (Stage 1) uses weapons in the form of iron pipes and can chase players quite quickly and it is not that easy to kill.


The Tyrant is a very iconic zombie boss at Resident Evil 2. The Tyrant itself has high strength and speed. In addition, the Tyrant can also throw large stones at the player.
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