Spiteful Dragon Druid (Witchwood Standard): Hearthstone Decklist Guide

Released of The Witchwood expansion, many new decks are worthy of you to try at Hearthstone. Even if you lack budget, there are several decks that you can still try for laddering. One of them is Dragon Spiteful Druid.

This deck doesn't use too many cards from The Witchwood expansion. In addition, some expensive cards that are used are strong cards that you should already have.


As the name implies, this deck uses Spiteful Summoner as a key card. The spell that is the trigger for this card is of course the Ultimate Infestation.

The rest of the contents of your deck is a tempo card that allows you to take the initiative or balance the opponent's aggression.

Because it doesn't have a strong drop, you can enter Prince Keleseth into this deck. Then to balance the early game you can use Fire Fly and Glacial Shard. Then for Taunt, you have Tar Creeper which is always a solid choice.

Like Spiteful Priest, what makes these decks have tempo initiatives is the Dragon package. You have Twilight Drake and Cobalt Scalebane. Then there is the Primordial Drake, Scaleworm, and Wyrmguard as the defense card and swing tempo.

The list above tends to be more sustainable because it uses the Druid of the Scythe. As an alternative, you can use Marsh Drake for the synergy of Dragon and Tempo. Even though it's not always possible, you can overcome the side effects of this card by using a small minion or Hero Power.


How to use this deck is not too different from other Spiteful Summoner decks. Your main Win condition is to use Spiteful Summoner safely on curve to excel at a time. But without that you also have an alternative win condition with the late minion game that you have.

Facing aggressive aggro or decks, your job is to balance your opponent's initiative and aggression. Always save Prince Keleseth, Fire Fly, Mind Control Tech, Tar Creeper, and Scaleworm that allows you to do that.

As long as you can survive and balance your opponent, you should be able to get to turn five and six to use key cards like Spiteful Summoner. As long as you have enough health points, you should be able to win the late game easily.

To deal with a slower deck control or deck, you must be able to take the initiative before the opponent. Fire Fly remains the card that you must save. Besides that, you can use a card like Twilight Drake for pressure.

If possible, lure your opponent using hard removal before you use Spiteful Summoner. But the opposite can also happen. Use Spiteful Summoner to provoke your opponent's hard removal, when you still have other strong cards like Cobalt Scalebane or Wyrmguard.

As long as you can maintain a strong minion on the board without being able to answer, you should be able to win over time.
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