Tips For Playing Garena Speed Drifters To Become Pro (Guide)

Welcome to Garena Speed ​​Drifters! For new drifters at Garena Speed ​​Drifters, there are somethings you must learn to become pro. Try to follow the suggestions and tips below to become a pro player:

Tips 1: Learn the Race Circuit

In the Garena Speed ​​Drifters, before becoming a pro players, you must try to learn the circuit. The circuit offered in this game has different characteristics and levels of difficulty. To be a pro, memorize all the shortcuts, obstacles, turns, acceleration paths that you can use to win. You can learn the trajectory in the training section.

Tips 2: Learn Racing Techniques

Every playing game, we should must learn different techniques, as well as Garena Speed ​​Drifters. In the race, Pro Speed ​​Drifters prioritize boost, nitro and drift to win the match. You should to learn some techniques that fit the track. For example, use Quick Turn on a consecutive bend and use Over Drift at a wide bend. This racing technique is also in the training section.

Tips 3: Take advantage of Gold

When we successfully complete the quest or event, we will get gold. Gold can be used for shopping for various types of goods. You should use gold wisely to increase skills in the Skill section in the lower left main-menu. The skill function is to increase speed, boost, and nitro.

Tips 4: Car Modification

Before investing in car modification, pay attention to the characteristics of the car. The capabilities of the car are different, as Shadow-strike has strong on collisions and turns and Big Q is stronger on Drift. You have to adjust your abilities with your car that you don't have trouble driving it. Car modification can be done in the garage, using Tech Point.

Tips 5: Learn the Icon

There are two icons that are often overlooked when it is important. The Refresh icon is very important to use when you hit a wall when turning or falling on a track. You can use the Reverse Camera icon to see the enemy behind. Don't forget to click again to look ahead!
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