Tips Playing Dragon Nest M Without Spending Money

On this occasion it was not a matter of gameplay but "Tips for Playing Dragon Nest M Without Spending Money". Cause Dragon Nest M uses a combat power system so the key to this game is combat power.

Daily Activity to Maximize Character Development Every Day. Why the Daily Activity? Daily activity is the highest priority because it has a maximum limit every day. Daily events will change every day except the World Boss. There are also Daily points that give a point, every 20 points there will be a waiting reward, the maximum point limit is 100.

1. Nest
To search for equipment accessories and materials for you, it is also limited to 2x a day, so Nest cannot be missed in your daily schedule.
Abyss: For the main quest and daily to find equipment materials.

2. Daily Task
This is very useful for adding items and food ingredients from farm / cooking, you can also request to fellow guild members.

3. Raid
This feature will open in lvl 40 ++ for 6 people, inside here there will be many stages waiting, the stage will be reset on certain days.

4. Dragon Soul
This is useful for searching Heraldry for dragon devices, working on this feature will not provide a daily point.

5. Boss Rush
Useful for searching Heraldry plates, if you get a bad reward you can roll.

6. Card
Like playing monopoly you will get various kinds of card collections, which later this card will be useful to increase your character statistics.

7. Endless Abyss
Fight the boss to get items that can be exchanged at the shop.

8. Dark Temple
To find items that are useful for enchanting.

9. Dragon Expedition
Fight bosses to get coins and jade for a maximum of 1 day.

10. Exp Guild Share
The role of the guild is very important because it gives us a lot of advantages and this is one of them.
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