Tips for Defeating Apocalypse in Dragon Nest M (Guide)

Hello adventurer!
This time I will discuss the apocalypse guide. According to main quest or storyline, the apocalypse is a time machine that turns into a monster. You need to required before entry Apocalypse Nest, the requirements is:
  • Easy Mode: Level 43
  • Battle Power (BP): 143000
  • Normal Mode: Level 45
  • Battle Power (BP):
  • Hard Mode: Level 45
  • Battle Power (BP):
  • Hell Mode: Level -
  • Battle Power (BP):

However, if your battle power is still below the Requirements above you can still enter by selecting "Forcing to Pass".

Stage 1: Death

Death is a mini-Hollow type boss who wears a sickle like Shinigami. The way to kill him is hitting the mailbox firstly (in the area) to activate the light and turn the Death to the light. If the light is off, hit the mailbox again and turn the Death again.

At least, you can attack that mini bosses until K.O.

Stage 2: Skeleton King

When the skeleton king activates immortal (we can't hit him) there must be small green and blue ghouls in this area. Now your job is just kill the blue ghoul so the mini boss can be stopped, ignore the green because when you attacked green ghoul, it will appear 2 more ghouls.

Stage 3 : Apocalypse (Boss)

Immediately you attack this boss until you die, but still avoid the attacks (rushing, spinning, exploding ground, and lasers).
  • If the boss issues 'Exploding Ground' skills: look at the ground then there will be a blue explosion zone, don't stand there.
  • If the boss issues a 'Laser' skill: the boss will rotate 360 ​​degrees, for the warior you can run behind the boss or move to the end of the folder because this laser won't hit you there.
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