Tips and Trick How To Become MVP in Multiplayer | Honkai Impact 3

hello everyone ... today I will share tips and tricks so that you can become an MVP in Honkai Impact 3 multiplayer mode, the easy way you need to prepare is there are only 5, namely:

1. Pay Attention to Internet Connection
The connection that your cellphone has supports does not experience delays, especially if you use the ultra mode which is capable of producing extraordinary effects, so sometimes you experience severe delays because when you use the multiplayer mode, the load that the phone is carrying is 3x bigger because there are 3 players in the dungeon and cause the connection and performance of the phone to be interrupted.

2. Smartphone specifications
mobile phone specifications that are recommended to be able to play games that have RAM above 1 GB, and have 4-8 core cores, all of them in order to play the game optimally without interruption, actually the specifications below you can still play it but in my opinion dear because you will see a very significant difference in terms of the graphical and in terms of the effects of the characters

3. Weapons
has a minimum of 4-star weapons in order to have a crit chance. and large damage buff, this is useful because it is possible for mobs or monsters to have a thick shield so it's hard to knock it out.
this is a weapon of legend often called "relic"

4. Stigma
choose a stigma that you think is good, i suggest to use the same stigma in the up, center, and down, it is useful so you can have the maximum buff given by the stigma. For example, a stigma that has a fire element if there are 3 stigmas attached to 1 character then you will get a large buff effect. Don't forget that, character, weapon, and stigma have different elements so use them wisely.
this is one stigma * 5

5. Pay attention to the enemy
You have to pay attention to the enemy, for example like an enemy that has a physical element so you have to use the opposite element and don't use a character with the same element because your attack won't have a big impact because it has the same element. In this game, we have 3 different elements namely physical, robot, and demon.
left side of the robot element, middle and right element

left physical element, middle and right demon element

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