Tips and Tricks For Playing The World 3: Rise of Demon

In the game The World 3: Rise of Demon there are 2 characters, namely warriors (fighters or fighters) and mage. There are also 3 game modes that can be played, namely Limbo (adventure), Arena (fight), and forest hunt (hunting).

Tips and tricks for playing The World 3: Rise of Demon game, as follows:

1. Upgrade Equip (Equipment)
Before that, we have to raise the character level first. No need to focus too much on getting 3 stars, but focus on exp so that our levels increase quickly. if necessary, play in Forest Hunt mode. But to open that mode, you must complete the Limbo Elite stage 4-6 first.

2. Upgrade Engrave
If we finish the fight in the Arena, then we will get gems or we can buy these gems using real money best offers Adv. Protect Chest. The function of the gems is to upgrade the equipment we have, so multiply your gems: D
I suggest just finishing the arena because it can save our money ... he.. he ...

3. Upgrade Skill
Skills are two kinds of class skills and basic skills. In class skills, we can only use 2 skills. Whereas in basic skills, the skill is automatically installed and cannot or needs to be changed again. I have tried both types of skills, and I recommend:
  1. Warrior to use the 1'st skill and 4'th skill
  2. Mage to use the 2nd skill and the 3rd skill only.
To upgrade, we need a skill book. We can get the skill book by completing the arena or buying at the Best Offer.

4. Get diamond
We only need to complete the mission in a wheel of fortune or we can see the video to get Free Diamonds but there must be an internet connection if you want to see the video.

5. Use Class Skill against the Bos
When fighting the Bos, it must be a bit difficult if you use a normal attack. If you use a warrior character just use skill 1 when the boss is about to carry out an attack. But, if you use a mage character, use skill 2 because it has a large area of damage. If Mana runs better, run and wait until the skill can be used again. Because this method is more effective to defeat the boss.

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