Tips And Tricks For Getting Necklace From The Daily Task On Pirate King Online

Daily Task is one of the features in the Pirate King that refers us to be more active in playing in this game. Not only does it make us more active, but the Daily Task is also very helpful because there are lots of bonuses in it. The main and most sought bonus is the Necklace

Here are tricks to getting a necklace in the daily task:
1. Click the Day Task Menu at the top of the screen.
2. Later it will come out Daily Task, pay attention to the Mission Obectives column, Match it with those in the Access Task column. then do the task. The first Mission Objectives will get an additional 10 point value.

3. If you have completed the first Mission Objectives, continue to the next objective, until we finish the Daily task
4. Refresh if indeed the mission objective is not found in Access Task. refresh requires 5 gold coins, but we will also get 25 gold coins from the bonus task

1. The yellow task is better than the blue task, blue is better than green, green is better than white.
2. I Recommended to not to do anything before completing the daily task, because the menu like Kitchen and sailing is very limited
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