Tips and Trick For Playing Larva Heroes to Become Master

Did you already know  Larva Heroes Game? yea, I think This offline based game is very interesting to play.

After the success of the first Larva Heroes and now both of them are friends. The game is good for playing on the free time. The game is easy, buddy. But, for some players, it is difficult to play this game. Why? Because the higher the level the enemy will get stronger. So that you don't have trouble facing the Momon. Here I give Tips and Tricks to play Larva Heroes and to quickly level up and quickly unlock the supporting heroes.

1. Choose a Hero
Choose a Hero as you wish. If I myself use "Brown Wizard" because it can attack enemies from a distance and can be maintained from enemy attacks. Unlike other heroes who attack the enemy must approach the enemy first. But the choice is yours.

2. Use Magic Candy for Special Items
Don't carelessly use magic candy. Prioritize buying Special items in the shop. This is very important to help your friend. First, you buy "Double Vienna" and "magic magnet", this is useful for getting sausages automatically without having to be friends here and there chasing sausages, complicated sob. Double Vienna serves to double the sausages that you get. For example: get 6 sausages then you will automatically get 12 sausages.

3. Hero Friend
After buying the Special Item, then buy Hero Friend. This really helps you to finish the word and beat up the enemies. Don't rush to immediately buy the hero at the beginning. Save first to buy the strongest Hero Friend and don't forget to upgrade so that it gets stronger.

4. Friend Unit
These tips are very helpful for friends in the fight because Friend Units have their own skills, for example, the "car larvae" function illuminates in a dark word. Because the darkness has a poison that can drain the blood of a hero. And the others also have friend support functions to complete the stage.

And the most important is hero defender. I use "violet" for the defender, besides being strong and the blood is very thick. But it's a bit slow to run: / I'm right, but I always use it.

5. Buy Armor Items
Armor is useful for adding attacks, defend, blood. This is a kind of additional item that helps add power hero, blood, and defense.
I also bought it ...

6. Upgrade Skill Hero
This is the kind of strongest your hero. It's really useful when you meet a monster that has attacked a lot.

7. Captain Jack
In captain jack, you can get "magic candy", "spell", and "gold". You can play Captain Jack if you have finished the stage. Not bad for adding candy, spell, and gold.

8. Hell
This is your chance to add more candy. But, to enter this stage I suggest that your hero is strong enough. Because the monster is very strong to defeat and makes us extravagant spells and magic candy. But if you can't do it, the reward is pretty big ...

Did you See?. 100 candy in one stage. Not bad :D

This is the Tips and Tricks for playing Larva Heroes this time. Sorry if there are errors in writing, comments, criticisms, and suggestions :)
Luck will come to anyone who wants it~

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