How to Get Medals for Moniker

Hello Adventurers!
The Battle Medal is one of the requirements to increase the rank of Moniker. Increasing moniker rank is also one of the Ways to Increase BP (Battle Power). Here is how to get the Battle Medal and Palace Medal!

1. Bazaar
The requirement to be able to buy via the bazaar is to join the guild, it can also be through World Auction, but the most dominant is the Guild Auction. I recommend to joining a guild which is every 00.30 pm, because a lot of members do World Boss. After the event, it will be an auction of the Battle Medal and Palace Medal. Not only that, there is also a guild event to get the Battle Medal or Palace Medal at 7:30 pm on certain days.

2. Saint Shop
Apart from going through the Bazaar, Battle Medal or Palace Medal can also get in Saint Shop. Open the Shop, then select Saint Shop, in the lower right corner. The price for 1 Battle Medal requires 5 Holy Medals he Holy Medal can be obtained through Daily Quest)

3. Guild Shop
Almost the same as the Saint Shop, you can find the Guild Shop. Then look for the Guild Shop, or you can also go through the Guild and you will find Guild Shop. The price for one Battle Medal is 7500 contributions (contribution can be obtained through daily sign-ins on guilds, guild events, playing with guild members, and much more)

How to get the Palace Medal | Important! 
Quite a lot of people are wondering how to get the Palace Medal, actually the method is quite easy, namely at the guild event at 00.30 pm world boss or it could be at 07.30 pm certain guild events. That ways are not too complicated or difficult, you can only collect three Battle Medals and open the bag, look for the Battle Medal, and select Upgrade.
3 War Medals = 1 Palace Medal
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