How to Get Lots of Crystal on Honkai Impact 3D

Today, I would like to share tips on how to be "getting lots of Crystal in the Honkai Impact 3rd ". 

In the 3rd Impact Honkai, the crystal is an important item that can be used to obtain valkyrja, weapon, and the stigmata in the Gacha. Crystal can also be used to exchange for stamina or a coin during the game. The crystal can be found in the in-app purchase (in-game purchase) using real money. Then from anywhere free players can get a crystal?

1. Complete one mission daily and daily duty point to get the reward of the crystal. You guys can get around 40 crystal each day of his

2. Complete any objectives at each stage. You guys can get 15 crystal from each stage.

3. get a score of 3 stars in every stage in the 1st chapter. You guys can get a reward in the form of the crystal.

4. always join the participation in the events of Infinity Abyss. In the event of Infinity Abyss is you guys can get a rebate of crystal when you guys can survive or go up a level in this event.

The only tips from me to get crystal in Honkai Impact 3D.  Hopefully, the tips can be useful for you :)
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