How to Get Heraldry Plate in Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest SEA (Mobile) has been in other country. For gamers who like 3D MMORPG games, you must try it. This game can be downloaded for free on Playstore (Android) and iOS (App store).

Dragon Nest M-SEA has support any language so we can enjoy the game and understand the flow of the story. Almost similar to the version on the PC, we can also choose jobs for each character. we can increase BP (battle point) or increase the attributes of our character, namely by installing equipment and plates or Heraldy that fits the character we used.

Heraldry Dragon Nest can also be called a plat that is an item who can increase the character attributes, such as increasing Attack, Magic Attack, HP, Critical and others.

Then how do you get M-SEA's Heraldry Dragon Nest Plate? See the steps below.
  1. You have to be level 24 toopen HeraldrySlots.
  2. The Heraldry slot will increase according to your character level. That is the way you have to follow daily event by taking part in the BOSSRUSH event. 
  3. If you succeed in defeating the boss in every given challenge you will get a Heraldry bag randomly. If you get defeat much Boss from the various levels, you will get much Heraldry Plate.
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