How To Get Cloth and Weapon Without Reducing Vitality in Pirate King Online

We can get Cloth and Weapon through Battle and Battle Team. Of course, this is very draining vitality because the possibility of getting the item is also not large. This is how we can get cloth and weapons for free.

It's simple, we only need to do a Battle team in the Activity. different from the battle team in the battlefield, if in a battlefield our friends must be online, while in this battle team our friends don't have to be online, the important thing is that they have become our friends, even the slaves can join.

Ease it again, the battle team on the activity is refreshed every day, so we have the opportunity to get these weapons every day, pretty can be exchanged for gifts or sold if it's not used.

The steps are:
1. click the Activity menu and select Battle Team. Click Participate.

2. The battlefield list will appear. Choose one of the battlefields, like Whale Laboon and others.

3. The Team list will appear, then click "Create Friend Team".
4. Then click "Invite Friend".
5. Select some of your friends, usually limited to 2 friends, then click "Save Settings".
6. After that, click "Start".
7. Wait until the war starts, you can pass it.

The opportunity to get the item is indeed not 100%, but it's good to try it. I myself have gotten many items in this way.
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