How to Feed, Evolve and Enchance Pet in Pirate King Online

Before knowing how to feed, evolve and enhance. I will tell you what the pet is first. Pet functions to add and strengthen our status as a player and feed function to increase the Growth Point (GR) of the Pet that we have. Growth Point (GR) functions to evolve pet, we can evolve et if our Growth Point is full. Evolution / Evolve serves to Strengthen the pet and maximize the potential of the pet

1. To feed
We need Feed type fish such as Red Koi and Angel Fish. The fish is of course taken from the All Blue first. to feed our pet with fish, one by one click the fish icon on the feed menu, if we want to directly feed the fish at the same time just click the Click to feeding button.

2. To Evolve or Evolve
Growth Points from a Pet must be full, if it is full click the Evolution menu, then click Evolution.

3. Enhance
Make sure the Pet has been Evolve at least once, we also need to Enhance fish like Blue Stripe Fish, Lantern Fish, and Shark. 
The Enhance process does not all increase the Pet Stat, sometimes it also decreases it, sometimes something goes up and some are dropped. if the status actually goes down, select the Preserve button so that the drop is not applied. if it's up, just click the Replace button.
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