How to Cultivate Plants in Dragon Nest Mobile

Hello Adventurers!
You may still be confused about how to treat (Cultivate) plants in Dragon Nest or you want to teach how to care plants, because sometimes there are people who are wrong in doing care :)

1. There is Purple Aura = Fertilization
If there have purple Aura around the plant, it indicates that the plant needs fertilization to be harvested.

2. Populated by Insects (Pests) = Pesticides
Yep, if a farmer finds his plantation attacked by pests, you should expel the pest. How? the way is Pesticides all of them, but because this game is not Harvest Moon, the only method available is pesticides.

3. Drought = Watered
Are there any of you adventurers who have never watered plants? It must have been yes, both in games and in the real world. Although the drought in the Dragon Nest M is left idle, it will not make the plants die, but the effect is take longer time to harvest.

I hope this article ca helps you to treat your plants in this dragon nest M :)

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