Formation To Against World Boss Kraken And Punk Dragon In Pirate King Online

There are 3 World Boss Form that the Author will share in this post. The World Boss does have to have its own form so that the resulting damage has a big impact on the World Boss. well here's the form:

1. World Boss Form with Sayou
When it hasn't been playing for a long time, or it's still on a new server, our crew is definitely just too mediocre. Now, here is the form we should use when we just get Sayou and miss on Monday.

For this world boss form, use Form Thunder, and the crew used is (in the order of numbers on the form):
  1. Rich
  2. Sayou
  3. Prota
  4. Vivi
  5. Miss Monday

2. World Boss Form with Hitter
For World Boss Form with hitters, there must be a hitter, that is, a crew that has a high hit. For example, Luffy. If Luffy can't use Mr. 2, and if you haven't got Mr. 2, you can use Miss Monday. On this form, Nami must also be available, Nami is very useful because it can reduce the opponent's fury when attacking.
The form used is frozen, and the crew used is (according to the number on the form):
  1. Rich
  2. Vivi
  3. Nami
  4. Prota
  5. Luffy / Mr.2 / Sanji / Miss Monday

3. World Boss Form with Kent
On this form, the Kent skill is very useful, especially when it comes to Evo because kent can reduce damage when attached by world boss. Therefore we also need 3 support at once. 
In this form, the crew used is (according to the serial number on the form).
  1. Kent
  2. Vivi
  3. Prota
  4. Conis
  5. Murray

Try using Murray, and leave it rich first. if it's not wrong other than Murray, Kiwi and Jessica can also be used as a replacement for Murray on this form.

There is also a WB form with Captain Shu who can listen to Draw versus World Boss, but I haven't arrived there. It's easy to post later if you can.
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