Best Job Class in Dragon Nest Mobile

Hello Adventurers!
Some player have thought about "what is the best job or class at Dragon Nest M?" or "What is the Most Overpowering Job (OP)" etc. I will give my opinion and answers about the best class job version of me.

1. Depends on the pilot
If you have played Mobile Legends or AOV or similar games that require player skills, you will often hear words like this. The purpose of depending on the pilot is that even though the characters used are said to be imba or overpower, but if the player does not have adequate skills, the potential of the character will not completely come out.

2. All Job Classes Have Advantages and Disadvantages
The things to remember is that all job class must have their advantages and disadvantages, not least, especially for the Dragon Nest M game. But to discuss the best overpower or imba job class, i have the answer. For the record, differentiate MOBA games from RPGs such as Dragon Nest M, the job class released does not have META (Most Efficient Tactic Available).

3. Matching Gameplaywith Job Class
In addition to the two things above, matching, aligning or terms Synchronization with Job Class is the most important thing. Let's just say if i'm a best player, who keeps forward, and wants to be number one. So the job class that is suitable for players like me is Frontline Class, not the back line. Another example, players who do not want to bother, are suitable for taking the jobs Class Support.

4. last one
In my opinion, the best job class is job class that has the image above. Does anyone know who he is? For the reason why you choose that job class, besides being suitable for playing Mimin, the skill effect and appearance are very imbalanced and overpowered!

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