Medscape: Multifunctional Application for Doctors and Pharmacists

As a pharmacist, the application of medicines will definitely help us in daily pharmacy services. Like to find out the dosage, the presence or absence of drug interactions, calculate the dosage of drugs for children, etc. And one of the most familiar applications is MedScape.
MedScape is an application that you can easily download in the PlayStore, or can also be accessed at Unlike similar applications such as LexiCom which are paid, Medscape is free of charge, aka FREE.

The download process is really easy, just open Playstore on your Android, then search with the keyword "Medscape". Keep installing, it like installing applications in general. Once installed you will be asked to do a registration process, after that the application will automatically download or update the database. Because the database is pretty much. Of course, it takes a little time to download it. I suggest that in this process you are connected to wifi.

After the download process is complete, this application can be directly used.
The initial appearance of the application are 3 options: News, Reference, and Education. For information about drugs, open the Reference option.
The above reference display consists of several options. Maybe for Pharmacy students in pharmacies and hospitals, the most frequently needed options are Drugs, Drug Interaction Checkers, and Calculators

If you want to find info about drug dosages, effects, indications, and information about certain drugs more practical, you can directly click on the search symbol. For example, we want to find info about Methylprednisolone so we will see:

Please note the writing spelling in this application is using English or Latin medicine. So like to find out about Paracetamol, the keyword is Acetaminophen.
Luck will come to anyone who wants it~

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