How to Check First Tweet and First Follower on Twitter Without Application

Check First Tweet on Twitter
Today (12/08/2018), Twitter is 12 years old. Yes, in 2006, social media that only allowed users to write 140 characters was established. Growing and growing, Twitter later became a social media that was popular with users because of its simplicity to date.

Well, on his eighth birthday, Twitter released a useful tool to view the first Tweets of its users, not just your first Tweet, you can see anyone's first Tweet as long as you know the username.

How do you see the first Tweet on Twitter? So easy. Please stop by the #FirstTweet webpage at the following address. or
If you are logged in on Twitter, your first Tweet will appear as soon as the #FirstTweet webpage is loaded. If you are not logged in, you can enter your username (or anyone) to immediately find out the contents of the first Tweet from the Twitter account (so you don't have to log in).

Check First Follower on Twitter
Marking its 8th birthday, Twitter released a useful tool to see your first tweet. The tool gets a good reception from the Tweep (the name for Twitter users) who then share their first Tweet with the #FirstTweet hashtag. In connection with this, a new tool emerged from SocialRank called FirstFollower. The tool is useful for knowing who first followed you on Twitter (your first follower).

Unlike the FirstTweet tool that immediately displays your first Tweet (if it's logged in), at first follower you have to manually type your Twitter username (or anyone's username) then press the Enter key, so that information about your first follower appears.

Well, curious about who is your first follower on Twitter? please stop by the FirstFollower webpage via the link below.
FirstFollower by SocialRank

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