Maloch Best Build, Combo, Talent, Arcana Arena Of Valor (Guide)

Maloch is a Warrior Tank type hero who has high defense and has true damage on one of his skills. This hero has become one of the strongest heroes in the Arena of Valor game and has always been a power pick for both beginners and professionals.

The Type Of Maloch Skill

Passive Skill: Plunder
Maloch has an attack range 2 times further than other hero tankers. Because of that, he can hit his enemy easily, even though the enemy is under the tower Maloch can still hit from a safe distance with the range of his sword. After skill 1 is used, the attack normally causes physical damage and restores his cellphone.

Skill 1: Cleave
Maloch swung his sword towards the enemies around him and marked them after the first hit about the enemy, then the next sword slash would be true damage to the enemy

Skill 2: Soul Eater
Maloch absorbs the enemies' spirits which cause little physical damage and slows down their movement speed for 3 seconds, while Maloch creates a shield for 2 seconds and adds to his HP bar. Our blood can also increase if this skill is hit by several enemy heroes at once. Note also applies to creeps

Skill 3: Shock
Maloch marks the location and then lunges from the top towards the target to make a circle, causing very large physical damage can also slow the movement speed of enemies who try to escape or enter into the circle.

Maloch Best Combo

In attack
Use the ultimate skill in the direction of the enemy gathered to open the war (must be against the enemy), use skill 1 to give true damage to the enemy, then use skill 2 to protect yourself and increase HP's immunity. Then, continue skill 1 and skill 2 continuously.

In defense/backward
Use skill 2 to protect yourself by making shields and adding HP. Pass the skill 2 towards the opponent's hero correctly. When pressed, you can use the ultimate skill to run away from the enemy.

Maloch Best Talent

Heal Talent

Heal Talent is very suitable besides for oneself, it is also useful for friends around, especially in the team fight, to recover lost HP by 15%. For now, most Maloch users use heal talent during matches.

Execute Talents

Execute Talents can be used by Maloch to end or execute a dying enemy (for an enemy with HP below 16%). You can use this Talent if you have 2 Tank heroes in one team besides you.

Arcana Recommendation For Maloch

Golden Body, Protect, and Dragon Claw

With the above arcana to maximize the Maloch skills that will be used, then the Maloch item must refer to the reduction in cooldown time. Why ? because the default cooldown time is very long to issue a skill. Therefore this arcana is needed.

Golden Body, Protect, and Purify

With this arcana, you can use items to replace one of the cooldown reduction items, namely The Aegis, in order to maximize the potential of Maloch who doesn't have this manna.

Maloch Best Build

If you use Golden Body, Protect and Dragon Claw Arcana

  • 1.  Gilded Greaves
  • 2. The 
  • 3. Frost Cape 
  • 4. Medalion Of Troy 
  • 5. Mail Of Pain 
  • 6. Fenrir's Tooth
 If you use Golden Body, Protect, and Purify


  • 1. Gilden Greaves 
  • 2. Frost Cape 
  • 3. Crissman Banner 
  • 4. Medalion Of Troy 
  • 5. Mail Of Pain
  • 6. Shield Of the Lost

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