Leomord Best Build, Tutorial, Tips and Trick Mobile Legends (Guide)

Leomord is Vexana's bodyguard. Together with his favorite horse Barbiel, Leomord was ready to hit the opponent in front of him. This is the Build Leomord in Mobile Legends and the Best Guide. For those of you who want to learn to use the Leomord, you must first know the best Leomord build that can make Leomord even stronger!

Best Build for Leomord
In order for Leomord to have a deadly attack, it must use the right build item for maximum attack. Build Leomord itself also has various types such as Strongest build, Semi Tank, and Fast Farming.

1. Strongest Leomord Build
By using this build item, Leomord will have a very deadly attack. You can change the boots.

2. Leomord Semi Tank Build
This item is useful for Leomord in terms of defense. Because this item can revive Leomord if he is killed.

3. Leomord Quick Farming Build
Well, those are some of the best recommendations for building Leomord that you can use when in the game. Items can change at any time according to the conditions of the team!

Leomord Skills
Leomord is a fighter hero who has unique skills including The Oath Keeper, Momentum, Decimation Assault, Phantom Steed, Phantom Stomp, and Phantom Charge.
Passive Skill: The Oath Keeper

1. The Oath Keeper
Basic attack attacks will produce a very large burst of damage if around the enemy Leomord has an HP below 40%. Skill 1 Without Barbiel: Momentum

2. Momentum
Leomord gets a shield and charges an attack. Gives 450 (+ 120% Total Physical ATK) from Physical Damage to all enemies in the area and gives a slow effect of 60%. The longer Leomord charges, the more damage will be generated. If the enemy tries to stop Leomord when making a charge, he will immediately launch an attack.
Skill 1 with Barbiel: Phantom Stomp

3. Phantom Stomp
Barbiel jumped forward, producing 375 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the area before him and giving a slow effect of 60%. Skill 2 Without Barbiel: Decimation Assault.

4. Assault Decimation
Leomord will crash in the specified direction, producing 30o (+ 50% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all enemies it encounters. The effect of this skill is to give a 50% slows effect. Skill 2 with Barbiel: Phantom Charge

5. Phantom Charge
The barbiel will crash in the specified direction and produce a knock-back effect on opponents on the track. This skill generates 300 (+ 50% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage. Skill 3: Phantom Steed

6. Phantom Steed-Barbiel
Leomord will call Barbiel, his favorite horse to enter into the fight. Barbiel will produce 350 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all enemies hit along the way and slow them down by 50%.

7. Phantom Steed + Barbiel
If Leomord is hit by a Barbiel, then he will ride it for 15 seconds and change skill 1 and skill 2. In addition, Leomord's basic attack will affect all opponents around him and can be done while moving. Leomord also gained 40 movement points and physical/magic defense additional movements.

Leomord Best Emblems
For the use of the Leomord emblem set, we recommend that you use the Custom Fighter Emblem. Because with this emblem you will have a talent that is suitable for use for fighters like Leomord or badang.

How To Do a Combo Using Leomord:
To do a combo using the Leomord, you must first issue the Momentum skill to provide damage to reduce the opponent's movement speed.

Attack again using the Decimation Assault skill (Skill 2 without Barbiel) followed by the skill Phantom Steed (Skill 3). When the Barbiel came,  Leomord will ride it. Clear the enemy using the Phantom Stomp skill (Skill 1 with Barbiel) and Phantom Charge (Skill 2 with Barbiel).

So that when sorted it will be:

Skill 1 (-Barbiel) > Skill 2 (-Barbiel) > Skill 3 > Skill 1 (+Barbiel) > Skill 2 (+Barbiel)

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