How To Add Token/Assets In Imtoken

Most new users in Imtoken wallet application have difficulty and do not know how to add which assets they want to add. I experienced it myself when I first tried to use this application. But over time, I can use this application without any problems.

Therefore, I will tell you how to add assets/tokens in Imtoken, so you don't need a long time to use this wallet. Okay, right ..

1. As always, the first step to do is to open the Imtoken application that has been installed on your smartphone

2. Press the "Add" symbol as indicated by the red circle in the image below.

3. Then press the "Magnifying Glass" symbol on the top right.

4. Type the token what you want to add on your wallet dashboard. Here I use Ubcoin tokens for example searches.

5. Before adding a token, check first whether the token that we are looking for in Imtoken is the token that we are looking for. You can check on EtherScan or the other then see if the contract address listed in the application is the same as the contract address listed on EtherScan.

6. If contarct the address in the same Imtoken and Etherscan search. So, you can directly add the token by pressing the "Add" button. If so, then the "add" button will change to "Added" which means the token has been added.

7. If all the steps above have been followed in a coherent and correct manner. Then the UbiCoin token will appear on our wallet dashboard.

That's how you add assets or tokens that you want.
I hope it helps.
If there are questions related to this article, you can comment on the column provided.

Luck will come to anyone who wants it~

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