How To Create Multiple Wallets in Imtoken

Imtoken is one of the digital asset storage wallets trusted by millions of mobile users around the world. You can store your various digital assets, such as Ethereum or tokens that have platters from Eethereum.

Today, I will give you information about how to make a multiple wallets in Imtoken, it's quite easy. You can follow the steps below.

1. First, open your Imtoken application. Then select the "Profile" menu located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Second, Select "Manage Wallets" as the menu that has been circled in the image below.

3. After that, select "Create". If you want to export your wallet, you can choose "Export" beside create button.

4. Then, Fill that form. When it's finished, press "Create Wallet"

  1. Enter the wallet name, so you can find this wallet more easily
  2. Fill in the password you want. I suggest a password that is easy to remember, because the password will be used if you want to send assets and export wallet
  3. Re-enter the password that you specified
  4. Fill in the hint password, this is if you forget the password

5.  After that, you can immediately press the "Back" button as shown below. My advice, to be safer, you should back up your wallet Mnemonic first.

6. And finally, your Wallet is ready for use.

Easy isn't it? if there are steps that are lacking to understand, you can comment below. 
I hope this helps and do not forget to support me :)
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